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Tahitian Noni
TAHITIAN NONI JUICE has been used by the French Polynsians for thousands of years for its healthful benefits. Tahitian Noni Juice has unique natural Healthful properties as well as powerfull anti-oxidants. TAHITIAN NONI JUICE is an all natural whole food dietary supplement. Every bottle contains 89% pure noni puree, and 11% grape and blueberry juice for flavors. Please visit the following websites for more information:
Alicia Paxton
PO BOX 533
Sutton, AK 99674
United States
Phone 907-745-5842

Terese Johnson CRSP, MNLPP
Reverse Speech is a deeper form of human communication that is automatically generated by the human brain. It occurs whenever we engage in conversation and is embedded backwards into the sounds of our speech. We are sending and receiving these messages on a subconscious level continuously revealing what we thought was concealed and creating dynamics based upon our deepest thought forms. Our reversals describe unconscious personality patterns and behavioral agendas, why we do what we do, the effects of past events, and our real internal responses. They also reveal the path for positive change. The first step towards reaching healing, personal growth and self potentialization is self-awareness, Reverse Speech Analysis is that first step.
Terese Johnson

Ranchita, California 92066
United States
Phone 760-295-9773
Fax 360-358-1374

Texas Lakota
So you've done the workshops, the reading, the crying, the praying, been to other psychics and therapists, somehow the Angels bring you to me. Together we use all mediums to find your answers and solve the problems. Here you will find truth, encouragement, and the strategies you need to make the changes you wish to make.

Cheryl Dusty D.Div.

, 75645
United States
Phone 903-328-5020

Theresa Wiles
PSYCH-K® is the process of changing one's self-limiting subconscious beliefs into positive, life enhancing beliefs using whole-brain integration techniques. Through muscle testing, we are able to access the subconscious and see what negative tapes we are holding onto. We begin to understand how our view of the world is holding us back from realizing our dreams. Then, using the techniques of PSYCH-K®, we are able to override these beliefs with positive statements about how we want our lives to be. Changing our thought patterns changes our 'Field' and we begin to create the reality we envision for ourselves. We start to act more intuitively, we experience more serendipity in our lives. The Universe and our subconscious mind starts assisting us in creating the life we envision for ourselves.

Santa Cruz, Carmel, Ma
Theresa Wiles
2713 Lafayette St., Soquel, CA.
Santa Cruz, Carmel, Ma, CA 95061
United States
Phone 831-476-3050
Fax 476-3050

virginia howard, lmhc, psychotherapist
i treat depression, anxiety, stress, all addictions, domestic violence, sexual abuse, bipolar and all psychiatric disorders, eating disorders, anger management, grief, premarital and divorce counselling; i work with individuals, couples and families and am very skilled at marital counselling; i am an expert witness for post traumatic stress disorder, spousal battery and sexual harrassment; i lecture on stress management, toxic relationships, unblocking your creativity and strategies for inner peace.
ft lauderdale
virginia howard
1040 bayview dr, suite 408
ft lauderdale, FL 33304
United States
Phone 9545630388

Weave Your Life LLC
Weave Your Life LLC is based on the belief that learning to identify personal, environmental and other imbalances in your life is the first step toward achieving wholeness and makes up the core of personal healing.

I offer a wide array of holistic services as well as workshops and special events.
Audrey Bennett
3 Barnard Lane Top floor
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States
Fax 860-276-8654

Yoga Health Solutions
Our mission is to provide personalized tools that help you balance traditional healthcare with a holistic approach to healing. We utilize the principles of Raja yoga and Ayurveda, a life sciences that has been practiced for over 3500 years.

Through meditation and breathing techniques, we focus on the whole of the individual.

Call us now for a free 30 minute Consultation: 704-277-6049

Yogi Ranjit
1212 Mann Drive, Suite 100
Matthews, NC 28105
United States

I have worked in the mental health arena for over 26 years, first as a social worker for the state of Vermont in juvenile services (8 years) and later as a member of CHP, an HMO (9 years). My practice has largely concentrated on the following types of disorders:

~ Addiction counseling (especially alcohol, nicotine, gambling and eating disorders).

~ Pain management (including back, neck and migraine discomfort).

~ Anger management (dealing with emotions such as loss and grief).

~ Depression and anxiety issues.

~ Self-hypnotherapy training.

~ Panic and stress disorders (including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an area I have first-hand experience with as a Vietnam veteran ~1968-69).

Larry White
20 Lake street
Hinesburg, VT 05461
United States
Phone 802-238-2962
Fax 482-2490
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