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Auto Body Work

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Body ShopsSan Francisco, CA
Great and honest service from KirilI had recently moved from Texas but SF prices definitely shocked me . Most other auto shops quoted me 400+ for replacing brake pads and brake fluid on my Toyota Corolla. Keep in mind, that I was supplying the part and fluid . Their quote for an 2 hour and half's worth of work was quite steep. Krill's quote was very reasonable and when I got there today morning he accommodated my cars work so much so that I could drive back to my work. Furthermore, he informed me that my car didn't need rear brake pads because it had brake shoes. He instead cleaned the brake shoes for minimal charge and informed me they were good to go ! All in all my total cost came below his initial quote. The work performed was for replacing front brake pads, resurfacing rotors, cleaning rear brake shoes and brake fluid replacement (something that almost never happens!
San Francisco
Body ShopsSan
730 Ellis St
San Francisco CA 94109
United States
Phone (578) 325-1489
Certified DEF LLC
Certified DEF LLC work hard to provide a high quality product but also strive for superior service. We understand the importance of good working relationships, accountability, reliability and the belief of delivering on our promises. Our people are committed to taking care of customers and making the sacrifices to achieve the standards we’ve set for ourselves.
Brigham City
Stevie Joe
50 W Forest St.
Brigham City 84302
United States
Phone 435-723-5225