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Energy Intuitive
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Flower Essence Practitioner. All levels of vibrational energetic medicine utilizing flower essences, body freguencies, color, sound and more.

Distance & in-person work with people, places and animals. Often times our environment needs energetic clearing and balancing as well as our physical being. I prefer to work with all layers of a person's life for optimal and lasting shifts in vibratory frequency resulting a life changes that are tangible and profound.
Lisa K. Abernathy
315 Franz Valley School Road
Calistoga, CA 94515
United States
Phone 707-942-1238

Ernie Karhu, Holistic Counselor, Tai Chi Qigong and Sustainability Facilitator


Prescott (Skidway Lake), Michigan

Includes, but not limited to:

Tai Chi Qigong

Meridian Energy Therapy

Holistic Counseling

Sound Therapy

Stress Management

Energy Therapy (Reiki, Plasma Energy, etc.)

Universal Spiritual Ministry

Live simply so that others may simply live.

On the most fundamental level, the idea of living ‘sustainably’ refers to the notion that one’s everyday actions and practices create a lifestyle that in turn produces a more healthy, habitable and equitable world for all beings. But, even this broad definition raises issues and conflicts and can be challenging. This, in part, is the magic and power of bringing sustainability concepts and issues into your daily living.

Fundamentally, sustainability refers to our potential for sustaining---supporting, maintaining, upholding---beneficial aspects of society or the environment.

The world we live in is one of ever increasing interdependence between all inhabitants of the world. Our daily lifestyle choices impact all aspects of our planet in an economic, environmental, and social manner. Often these impacts are not discussed, and not ‘readily’ evident. Often there are ‘hidden costs’ involved in our daily decision-making such as negatively impacting future generations we may never meet or adversely affecting places we may never visit or live in.

These ‘hidden costs’ of our actions can often have dire, far reaching, negative impacts on our global world. For example, though an item may be marked with a low price at our local store, what are the costs when considering: importation (fuel and shipping infrastructure), labor (quality of life for workers, worker benefits and wages), environmental damage (waste issues, landfill and environmental impacts of the object’s industry)?

Ernie Karhu
East Third Street
Prescott, MI 48756
United States
Phone 616-855-2425

Eva Chang, AP
Traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing, including acupuncture, herbs, hypnosis, Bach Flowers, homeopathic detox and drainage, nutritional supplements, NAET and JMT allergy elimination techniques, and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.
Eva Chang
28960 US Hwy 19 N. Suite 112
Clearwater, FL 33761
United States
Phone 727 773-2511
Fax 727 784-3570

Fe A. Murray RN, MSN
Fe is trained and accomplished in acupressure, lymphatic massage, chakra therapy as well as other techniques that increase your energy and feelings of well-being. She is also a Reiki master. Fe is a registered nurse who has specialized in stress management at the graduate advanced practice level, she is qualified to do life coaching, health education, crisis intervention and counseling.

Newport Beach,
Fe Anoina-Murray
4340 Campus Drive, Ste 212
Newport Beach,, CA 92660
United States
Phone 714-335-1913
Fax 714-968-2079

Frosty Mojo
Johnny is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher who performs distant and in-person Reiki Session and Attunements to assist you on your path to wellness.

In addition, he offers his own heart centered energy work for stress reduction and getting "more energy " which involves; prayer, sound, meditation, and your willingness to achive wellness.

Johnny Schmelling
124 Lafitte St
Mandeville, LA 70448
United States
Phone 985.705.2886

Gail Axelrod, Reiki Master,Usui Reiki Ryoho
Gail Axelrod Reiki Master.Usui Reiki Ryoho has been student and practitioner of alternative healing for 0ver 30 years. Gail specializes in empowerment on the most personal of levels allowing other to develop while using their own inner healing power to create what they want in life and help them move beyond their limitation into their own true potential allowing them to take back their personal power and move forward.
San Francisco
Gail B Axelrod.
3811 ANZA ST FL 2
San Francisco, CA 94121
United States
Phone 858-212-3203

Reik therapy, teaching & Respite Centre, specialising in children, families and horses

We will accept children or adults for Reiki therapy and short term respite care. Children may attend with or without their parents.

Reiki treatments can be caried out at our centre, your home or any hospice/hospital provided permission is granted from the organisation in question and within 20 miles of Barnstaple.

for horses I can travel for an extra £0.25 per mile extra

north devon
laura barbour
little swincombe farm, challacombe, barnstapl
north devon, ex31 4tu
Phone 01598763512

Gemisphere Therapeutic Gemstones
Gemisphere provides the highest quality therapeutic gemstones in the world. Only those gemstones that meet the highest standards of quality are used allowing our necklaces to radiate life force with great power. In his book Gemisphere Luminary, Michael Katz details his of account of conversations with the Gemstone Guardians, inner-world beings responsible for fulfilling the purpose and maintaining the effects of gemstones everywhere. Gemisphere therapeutic quality gemstones are amazingly effective tools for transformation and healing.

Visit Gemisphere.com or call us to take advantage of our $20 or 10% off your first order coupon (except our monthly sales items that are already 20% off)!
Carol Jarka
2812 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210
United States
Phone 1-800-727-8877

Genesis Tree of Life Wellness
Tree of Life Yoga & Wellness Center is a multidimensional practice offering a variety of holistic modalities, classes and workshops:

Healing modalities include:

Natural Hygiene

Nutritional Counseling

Therapeutic Counseling

Energy Balancing

BioSyntonic Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Fitness Training

Cranio-sacral therapy

Reiki Healing Circle


Classes and workshops:

Yoga, Pilates, Bellydance, ballroom dance, modern dance, meditation, breathwork, fitness
Forest Hills
Rene David Alkalay
102-02 Metropolitan Avenue
Forest Hills, NY 11375
United States
Phone 718-544-5997
Fax 718 544-5488

George Hunter
Raised in the Mohawk healing traditions of my father's people, I offer an authentic experience of healing. Combining Sound Healing, Native Chanting, Energy Work, and Intuitive guidance, I help people to embrace their power, voice, and physical health. I am the Founder of the BlueStone Institute for Healing Arts where we offer a 2 year Certificate Program for healers, blending both ancient and modern approaches to healing. As a singer and artist, I combine glasswork with Native Chanting for transcendent experiences and spontaneous ceremonies. Clients seek my help for emotional clearing, chronic pains and conditions, finding a sense of purpose, manifesting healthy relationships, intuitive guidance, and for embracing their innate gifts.

Valley Cottage
George Hunter
1133 Broadway, suite 1020, NYC
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
United States

Gibson Massotherapy
Randall Gibson, M.Ed., LMT is a licensed massage therapist in Fairlawn, Ohio (near Akron, Ohio) with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in craniosacral therapy and polarity therapy but, blends many other techniques into his practice. A seamless integration of reflexology and myofascial therapy, for instance, can enhance any bodywork treatment. Randall also runs Polarity Healthcare, which offers continuing education classes for massage therapists and holistic practitioners.
Randall Gibson
3250 West Market Street, Ste. 104
Fairlawn, OH 44333
United States
Phone 330-701-8780

Ginni Selle, Ph.D. Energy Psychologies
Each person has a unique blend of frequency signature patterns that are unlike anyone else. When these frequency signatures become disrupted, the body seeks to reveal the imbalance by manifesting symptoms unique to the individual. These symptoms are typically interpreted as patterns of dis-ease and stress that have their own disruptive frequency patterns. Because of this, it’s important to embrace the individualism of the dis-ease pattern for it is this pattern, not a particular therapy or a practitioner, that holds the code to healing.
Recognizing that the frequencies contained in the dis-ease provide a holographic representation of the self and therefore, the counterbalancing codes to the body’s integrity is what Conscious Healing is all about. By listening to and matching specific frequencies of dis-ease with their counterbalancing patterns, structural and emotional integrity can be restored.
Conscious Healing provides a broad, eclectic toolbox that includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual applications uniquely applied to the signature of the individual. This supports the desire to understand what the guidance of the dis-ease is trying to say and bring the holographic self back into balance.

Wheaton, Illinois
Ginni Selle, PhD, LPC, CBT, RYT, RA
Integrative & Intuitive Healing Counselor
Wheaton, Illinois,

Phone 630-730-1871

Glenn Cratty LiCSW
Glenn has practiced as a psychotherapist in Vermont for 27 years. In that time his work has evolved from conventional talk therapy to a cutting edge practice of what are referred to as "the Power Therapies". These include hypnosis, EMDR, and Energy Psychology. The Energy Psychology modalities he utilizes are: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Be Set Free Fast (BSFF), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Thought Field Therapy(TFT), Allergy Antidotes, and Jaffe-Mellon Technique(JMT). With this broad array of treatment approaches he knows that none-the-less the bottom line is "Spirit Heals".

He practices in a unique setting with a community of healers known as Circle of Healing. Here, practitioners from a variety of fields work in a collaborative arrangement drawing on the best approaches for a client's treatment.
Glenn Cratty
PO Box 295, VT RT 30
Pawlet, VT 05761
United States
Phone 802 325 3300
Fax 802 325 3306

Grace Christine
Polarity Therapy and Usui Reiki are quick and inexpensive ways to entirely relax and restore your body, clear your mind, and refresh your spirit. I clean, align, and repair energetic body systems for optimal health and assist you to release stored pain, stress, or trauma of any kind. Peaceful (clothed) touch therapies address many illnesses and structural misalignment. Although you remain alert and aware, you will feel that you are in profound meditation or restorative sleep

These modalities are an excellent way to maintain and improve health, to energize the mind and to further awaken the spirit.In additiona to preventing illness, they address chronic illness and pain, recovery from surgery, heart attack, and relief of stress induced tension, digestive problems, and emotional traumas.
Easthampton/Pioneer Valle

Easthampton/Pioneer Valle, MA 01027
United States
Phone (413) 529 9993

Graceful Shift Technologies
energy repatterning, hypnobirthing, creating money workshops
life purpose workshops, dna activation, graceful shift into Truth
shifting dimensional perspective,
Also offering rare crystals and healing stones and gemstones, such as ajoite, papagoite, natural citrine, vogel cut healing crystals and more
Danielle England

Aptos, CA 95003
United States
Phone 831-662-0945

Marion is a Biofeedback Specialist specializing in Accelerating Spiritual and Emotional Growth utilizing the EPFX/SCIO/QXCI Energetic biofeedback Device. Remote group programs are provided for graceful and easy removal of layers of limitation. Private sessions in person and by phone also offered.

Marion is also a Quantum Biofeedback Instructor providing training for new owners of the Quantum Biofeedback device, currently teaching in Santa Monica.
Marion White PhD
PO Box 10005
Torrance, CA 90505
United States
Phone 310-375-6766

Healing Hearts and Minds, Corp.
Clairvoyant and clairaudient healer, hynotherapist, ordained reverend,spiritual counselor,vibrational therapist.

I am a teacher of breathwork,sound and movement as a therapeutic tool for adults and children. As vibrational therapist I use the healing power of various sounds during a private session to transform that individual's energy field. I enjoy working with children and as an indigo child myself I act as a translator to assist them in understanding their role in this world at this time.
Michelle Barrial

Hollywood, FL 33023
United States
Phone 786-683-9700
Fax 966-5538

Healing Therapies & Wellness, Inc
Holistic Wellness Center offering healing therapies and self-care education.

Energetic Clearing and Rebalancing Therapes for Deep Healing to reconnect Mind/Body/Spirit. We offer: Healing Touch, EFT, Massage, Rolfing, Reiki, Reflexology, Spiritual Growth study groups as well as ministerial services.

Our affiliated Energy Therapists have undergone intensive training, mentoring, and certification for their specialized techniques.

All techniques and services are complementary to your current healthcare regiment and support both traditional and alternative medicine.

Keeley Mancuso
3540 E. 31st, Suite 3
Tulsa, OK 74135
United States
Phone (918) 850-1540

Healing Touch - Betty Petersen RN, BSCN, CHTP/I
Healing Touch is founded on the premise that all people have the ability to facilitate healing through compassionate intent and the balancing of the human energy field. Research has shown that Healing Touch is effective in promoting relaxation, reducing pain, managing stress, speeding tissue and bone healing, strengthening the immune system, preparation for and follow up of medical procedures and supports the dying process.
Betty Petersen
7535 Hunterview Dr. NW
Calgary, ALB T2K 4P7
Phone 403-275-6288
Fax 275 2527

Healing Touch Of Northern Kentucky
Healing Touch Is a non-invasive light touch employed in concert with traditional medicine to achieve harmony and tranquility between mind & body. It is used to induce changes in the energy field affecting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health & well-being.

Uses include, but are not limited to: pain management, acceleration of all types of healing, before, during & after surgery, medical procedures and treatments, relaxation, decreases stress & anxiety and increases energy, etc..

HT mobilizes your own healing process to help restore balance for health & happiness.
http://www.BodyMindSpiritDIRECTORY.org ; http://healingtouchnky.byregion.net
Deborah K. Ostafi RN, HTCP, LMT

Florence, KY 41042
United States
Phone 859-384-0041
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