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Health Kinesiology - Vivian Klein
HEALTH KINESIOLOGY, a total holistic bioenergetic system using muscle testing to identify and correct energy imbalances of all types: allergies, emotional and psychological issues, detoxification, chronic and immune disorders, environmental sensitivities, hormonal problems, educational and behavioral problems and many more!

Also: EARTH ENERGY HEALING: detection and elimination of Geopathic Stress(negative earth energies) which may be affecting you or your family, home, garden or vineyard. Commercial dowsing for businesses, wells, spas and vineyards
Santa Rosa
Vivian Klein
Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
United States
Phone 707 538 8679
Fax 707 538 3623

Heart of Healing
Mary Maddux is a counselor, healer, teacher, speaker and mentor. She has a private practice in energy intuitive counseling and healing, both in-person and by phone. She has taught many workshops in energy healing and has created the "Everyday Energy Healing" instructional CD. With her musician/composer husband, Richard, she creates CDs to support meditation, healing, relaxation and spiritual growth.
Mary Maddux

Sonoma, CA 95476
United States
Phone 707-933-9111

Heart of the Lotus' Rev. Amaura
Specializing in Tibetan & Spiritual Meditations, certified in 2 forms of Feng Shui, Reiki Master/Teacher, Blessings, Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies. The energy we create, is the energy we choose to live in. Namaste
Rev. Amaura Gaye Delaney
1944 W Devonshire
Mesa, AZ 85201
United States
Phone 480-570-7721

Using a combination of Guided Imagery and Energy Healing, Lesley Schneider has spent over 20 years helping people move through blocks that keep them stuck. These blocks can be emotional in nature, physical or spiritual. Moving through blocks allows for the possibility of returning to center, to that place where you can connect with your own inner guidance. Benefits you may experience:

- Stress Relief
- Mental Clarity
- Increased Energy
- Relaxation
- Healing Old Wounds
- Discovering the Roots Of Chronic Pain.

She is available for phone consultations nationwide, as well as office visits in San Jose, CA.

Lesley offers energy/spiritual healing, animal communication, guided visualizations, guided imagery, body mind spirit work, psychic readings, intuitive consultation, psychic healing, healing workshops, free online newsletter and meditation CDs.
San Jose
Lesley Schneider

San Jose, CA 95125
United States
Phone (408) 858-3942

Helping Hands Wellness Center LLC
Chronic muscle and pain therapy using the Kolden Technique, Bowen Therapy, integrative neuromuscular, craniosacral, reflexology, and massage therapy. Treatments are directed at the cause of pain and are as relaxing as a full-body massage. Treatments are done with the clothes on. I do relaxing massages as well as muscle and pain therapy. Acpuncture, Stone massage and sports massage are offered by other therapists at the center.
Sandra Skildum
2020 E. Milwaukee St. Suite 12
Janesville, WI 53545
United States
Phone 608-754-8810
Fax 608-754-9177

Herve Corbel, LMT
Oriental bodywork therapy

The treatment of the human body, including the electromagnetic or energetic field which surrounds, infuses, and brings that body to life, by pressure and/or manipulation. This approach is based upon traditional oriental medical principles for assessing and evaluating the energetic system, and traditional oriental techniques and treatment strategies to primarily affect and balance the energetic system, for the purpose of treating the human body, emotions, mind, energy field and spirit for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health.

When based on appropriate education, adjunctive modalities within the scope of oriental bodywork therapy are non-invasive. They include, but are not limited to, pressure devices, application of hot and cold, external application of herbal or chemical preparation, electromagnetic treatment modalities, and education regarding appropriate principles of diet and therapeutic exercices.

National oriental bodywork therapy association

Herve Corbel

Miami, FL 33136
United States
Phone 305 725 1750

Hillary Brooks - Touch of Light
Reiki is universal healing energy. Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words; Rei meaning Universal and Ki meaning Life Force. The foremost objective with Reiki is to balance any imbalance. Imbalances can be physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual. It is an energy that is extremely powerful but surprising gentle and relaxing. Reiki works with and compliments Western medicine. Hospitals and rehabilitation centers are starting to benefit from the assistance of Reiki Masters. Reiki assists men, women, children and animals.

Staten Island
Hillary Brooks
51 A Jennifer Place
Staten Island, NY 10314
United States

hineni ~ healing ~~~~~ susan kasloff, M.A.
Welcome to hineni healing

In Hebrew, hineni means "I am here"

In this healing work, "I am here" refers to the presence of:





I offer:

  • Reconnective Healing sessions for healing on all levels - mind, body, & spirit (3 session maximum)

  • The Reconnection for spiritual growth and accelerated connection to your life path (always 2 sessions)

  • Verbal Psychotherapy, body-centered therapy, and energy therapies (Core Energetics, Brainspotting) for a longer-term relationship of personal growth and exploration (ongoing) Please note: I am not currently offering these sessions.

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Healing for Healers: Although I offer energy healing sessions to clients from all walks of life, I specialize in "healing for healers". Bring your own energy, consciousness, and vibration to a new level of well being!


    Please call with any questions and I would be happy to speak with you.
    Susan Kasloff, M.A. (Counseling)
    NY Core Center (E. 23rd St.) and Meta Center (W. 29th St.)
    NYC, NY 10010
    United States
    Phone 917-749-5691

    Holistic Alternatives
    We offer Reflexology, Energy Therapy, ReflexEnergy -  These natural, non-invasive, alternative methods of health therapy relieve stress, stimulate your circulatory system, facilitate a balanced energy flow, and help your body and its systems maintain optimum health. Energy Therapy aligns and balances the body’s energetic field, detoxifies and balances body systems, and cleanses and balances the chakras. Together they keep the body healthy and balanced.
    Virginia Beach
    Beverly Belch
    2020 S. Independence Blvd, Ste 6
    Virginia Beach, VA 23455
    United States

    Holistic Practitoner Transformation Facilitator
    In the sacred space that Nan creates,you now have the opportunity to share her healing energies and calming meditations or her workshops, classes, retreats and private consultations. She offers spiritual retreats that weave together nature-based experiences with other modalities for self-exploration.
    All classes workshops and retreats were created to provide diverse and innovative programs that offer opportunities for personal growth and transformation. She is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all will feel welcome to pursue their healing. By deepening our spiritual awareness, we help to empower the lives of others.
    Sacred space,designed and arranged to accommodate and retain the healing energies necessary for her work,your empowerment and healing. A space that promotes all aspects of health and well-being. Nan truly recognizes the unique challenges each person faces on their spiritual path. It is clear that many of our spiritual hurdles have their roots in physical or psychological experiences. The modalties aid you in releasing these past influences, and the rediscovery of the freedom,purpose, and inspiration that grows from our personal vision of the future and our place in it.
    I invite you to join Nan on your amazing journey to health,wealth,success, and happiness.

    Nan Vaught
    P.O. Box 38
    Frontenac, MN 55026
    United States
    Phone 888-472-7662

    House of Healing Light
    April Garrett has been facilitating healing since 1997, and shares Shamanic Counselling, Transformational Breathwork, and is a Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki and Lightarian™ Reiki Master/Teacher. She also offers Hawaiian Huna Kane™ Massage as a wonderful therapeutic technique to help release stress and long-held negative patterns from the mind, body and emotions. April also offers the healing and transformative energies of the Lighatarian Rays in addition to hypnotherapy and provides personal energy enhancement lessons. It is her honour to do this work and brings the respect of individual process to all of her sessions. House of Healing Light welcomes you in your journey of self-discovery and love. Namaste!
    April Lortie Garrett
    Kootenay Area of B.C.
    Wynndel, BC V0B 2N1
    Phone 867-335-1071

    Hummingbird Therapeutics
    Hummingbird Therapeutics is home to Mother Anita's vibrational healing spritzs and fine body balms.

    Mother Anita’s® Fine Body Balms & Vibrational Healing Spritzs

    Each balm and spritz connects you with nature & yourself, your breath, your beauty. Enjoy our joyful, intentional, loving, Aromatherapy products!


    Balance ... Center yourself with this fine body balm rich in lanolin & vitamin E. Therapeutic essential oils of lavender, rose geranium, vetiver and lemongrass do the work.Uplift, balance hormonal shifts,moods

    Comfort... Offer aches, pains, owies, scars, bug bites, burns, sunburns and peeling cracked hands & feet to the Gods of the past... Comfort for relief of musculo-skeletal on-going concerns , burns, sunburns, over stimulus/stress, chronic and acute pain.


    Essential Rose: receive clarity, purity, universal love

    Essential Chamomile: experience more peacefulness, less worry, fear, anger, anxiety

    Smokeless Sage® Smudge: clear, center, & reconnect with your intuition. Positive and negative energy shifted to allow you to connect universally.

    Ancient Beings®: lighten, find your mission, live it – great for meditation. Spray gently over your head, breathe deeply, & welcome nature’s gifts.

    NEW! Balance: all the benefits of our fine body balm in the convenience of a spritz. Uplift moods, lessen PMS, Menopausal symptoms,enjoy tonic properties of stabilizing blood pressures, blood sugars, high stress levels.

    Our motto is "Joyful Products for a Whole Life". We use only Vintage Therapeutics Grade Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients in our products.
    MERRIMACK, NH 03054
    United States
    Phone 603-424-2030
    Fax 603-424-9135

    Robert Plotzke has been practicing Reiki for over ten years and teaching all levels of Reiki for eight years. Robert is the co-founder of ILLUMEN with partner Jill Sutherland. Jill and Robert have led workshops in England, Scotland and the United States. In addition to teaching all levels of Usui and Karuna® Reiki, Robert has led several workshops on Healing with Sound. Blending his knowledge of sound with Reiki , Robert’s work is well respected in healing circles. Robert and Jill have presented “Reiki and Energetic Healing” at both Emory and Kennesaw Universities. A natural intuitive, Robert quite often pinpoints the age of emotional trauma that is the cause of many long standing or chronic health conditions. Robert is a registered Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training. www.reiki.org .
    Robert Plotzke
    631 Mission Rd. SW
    Cartersville, GA 30120
    United States
    Phone 770-386-4853

    I have been practising Reiki for over 10 years in various countries.

    Specialising in depression Cases.

    Can do distance healing.
    PLAINSBORO, NJ 08536
    United States
    Phone 1-6097508891

    Inner Cosmos
    We invite you to experience the magic of energy healing in all areas of your life - a completely new way of solving challenges

    Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial

    An alternative medicine approach to your radiant health.

    Learn KriyaShakti - the science of abundance manifestation, Key to radiant health, true wealth, richer relationship, spiritual growth and a lot more...

    All happens effortlessly as you apply simple energy healing principles when you learn to raise the frequency of your personal magnetism.

    Los Angeles
    Satish Dholakia

    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    United States
    Phone 310-470-8150

    Inner Focus Soul Directed Energy Healing
    Inner Focus is a professional School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing teaching students internationally about the fine art of healing and mind-body connection at the soul level. Spiritual ans Personal Growth, Hands-on healing, Meditation, Higher Self Connection, Awareness Release Technique, Goodness Process, Clairvoyant Scanning and Tracking energy, Energetic Anatomy of the Chakra System in depth, Inner Child-Magical child transformation are just a few of the skills you will learn. We are an international school that comes to you in Chicago, IL, Madison WI, Toronto ON, and Ottawa, ON.
    Las Vegas
    AlixSandra Parness

    Las Vegas, NV 89180
    United States
    Phone 1-800-600-8283
    Fax 795-3839

    Inner Tantra
    Partnership is just business without intimacy. Has your love relationship turned into a business contract? Sure, you can work, feed the children, and talk about your problems with your lover, but is that really enough? I know that most of us want more than technical support from our life partner.

    It gets back to the old saying, “Do you live to work or work to live?” Your love relationship should not be reduced to a chore list that you share with your lover just to get through the week.

    Where's the passion? Where's the yearning? I am talking about the kind of love that you crave more than food. I mean a hunger for the nectar of love that connects lovers even when they are apart. Remembering the look in your lover's eyes, the smell of your lover's hair or taste of your lover's sweat. Love like this is possible for those who value it and are willing to step outside their old limitations. It is a matter of further opening your heart. It is a place of vulnerability, compassion, honesty, and selflessness. Society doesn't teach us this kind of simple and profound love. However, it is possible.
    Santa Fe
    Dr. Vito Hemphill
    1609 B Don Gaspar
    Santa Fe, NM 87505
    United States
    Phone 505-982-6665
    Fax n/a

    Inquire Within for Healing
    I help you learn how to heal yourself. I intuitively combine massage therapy, therapeutic coaching, Quantum Touch, Reiki, along with other tools and life experiences.

    How do I help you heal yourself? By intuitively determining what is at the core of your issues, I can assist you in deciding what you would most like to have happen, then we proceed from there. It could be as simple as you having a massage to work out a knotted muscle, or it could be much deeper, if you want to get to what's spiritually, emotionally and mentally underneath that muscle continously knotting up. It's your choice.
    Beth Kopitzke

    Plymouth, MN 55442
    United States
    Phone 763-553-7847

    Integrative Healing
    Sue is a holistic practitioner in the healing arts. She is certified in Healing Touch and Integrated Energy Therapy(getting the issues out of the tissues). She also uses Reiki and Quantum Touch as each session is individualized to meet the needs of the person at that time. These energy-based approaches help to remove blocks that are preventing someone from being healed. The individual's willingness to heal and be healed are an important part in the healing process. As a facilitator in that healing process, Sue helps to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself by bringing the body back into balance and harmony.
    Sue Heldenbrand

    Lafayette, LA 70506
    United States
    Phone (337) 232-4799
    Fax (337) 232-4799

    Integrative Psychotherapies
    I use innovative and effective techniques that assit people to remove negative thoughts and emotions that interfere with peace of mind.

    These therapies belong to the emerging new field of Energy Psychology.They are successfully relieving the effects of many conditions including stress and stress related illnesses. They release the harmful effects of fears, phobias, anxiety, grief,loss,depression, chronic pain and other conditions interfering with quality of life. People frequently report an enhanced sense of harmony,balance,and freedom from previoiusly disturbing thoughts and emotions.
    Anita Bains
    204 E. Joppa Rd.
    Towson, MD 21286
    United States
    Phone 410-558-1021
    Fax 4105581057
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