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Heart-centered, spiritual and practical, intuitive readings and counseling with Kavitaa can bring insight and fresh approaches into life changes, turning points, relationships, family, love, and career. Her sessions are fun, gentle, and loving, yet go very deep. She also offers Aura-Soma color, energy reading & healing, Experiential Astrology, and Reiki sessions.

Kavitaa’s Sedona Vortex tours for individuals and small groups include gentle hiking and guided meditation. For a complete Sedona experience, packages combine your Vortex tour with energy reading & healing, counseling or Reiki.

In addition to English, Kavitaa speaks fluent Japanese and is Sedona’s original Japanese-speaking guide.

Kavitaa Hawkes

Sedona, AZ 86336
United States
Phone (928) 203-1194
Fax 928 203-1194

Kenneth Chow Dipl. OM
A video link with a short introduction to Chow Acupuncture:


**Watch Kenneth Chow on Channel 9 news!!!** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRraLyTYr9I

Balance Method Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Tui-Na Chinese Bodywork

Acupuncture Facelift

Weight Loss Ear Stapling

Emotional Freedom Technique

CranioBiotic Technique

For Tai Chi Chuan call Instructor Michael Chow at 225-247-6892
Baton Rouge
Kenneth Chow
15049 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70819
United States
Phone 225-229-5123

Kimberly Rex, MS, Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner
A Resonance Repatterning(R)session quickly gets to the heart of issues presenting themselves as problems in our lives, identifying unconscious patterns, beliefs and generational imprints which impact your wellness and well-being. Sessions work to identify and transform limiting unconscious beliefs, attitudes, and patterns within your body-mind system to create greater harmony and balance in your life. Natural consciousness science and modalities of color,light, sound, movement, breath, acupressure, aromatherapy, energetic contacts are used based on your specific needs. Sessions create more coherent life energy so that you have more vital life energy for your positive intentions.

Repattern your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.
Kimberly Rex

Bellingham, WA 98229
United States
Phone (360) 739-0162

Kozby Kritzer
Are you experiencing frustration or stress about something in your life? Perhaps it's your job, a relationship or just how you relate to the world. Maybe you feel stuck or just plain lost. Well, it's no accident that you've landed here on this web page. The Universe has guided you here so that I can be a resource for you during this difficult time. Now we can use the Universe's wisdom to help you sort out this issue and begin your healing. Only then can you continue to move happily and peacefully along your spiritual path in life.

San Diego
Kozby Kritzer

San Diego, CA 92103
United States
Phone (949) 677-9138

Kristi Welsh, LMT, CHTP
Kristi began her training as a Massage and Energy Therapist in 1994. She has found that combining Therapeutic Massage with Energy Therapy creates a deeper, more holistic and healing therapy. Kristi has extensive training in Healing Touch, Chi Kung Healing, and Therapeutic Massage. She is also trained in Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy I, and Mindfulness Meditation. Her practice includes individual Massage & Energy Therapy sessions, as well as meditation and Chi Kung instruction.
St. Augustine
Kristi Welsh
2180 A1A South, Suite 100
St. Augustine, FL 32084
United States
Phone (904)347-4619

Laura Malfa
Laura is trained in energetic healing, counseling and Imago couples therapy with a specailty in body centered psychotherapy . She has a practice in Westchester County NY where she sees individual clients and teaches energy healing in groups.

Laura's work is spiritually based and intuitive. While work may be focused on a physical or emotional concern often other areas of a persons life may addressed.

Laura Malfa

Katonah, NY 10536
United States
Phone 914-232-7404

Leanne Hill
Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious mind and the soul records
of a person to discover and release blocks to health, happiness and spiritual growth that have been hidden from the conscious mind for hundreds or
perhaps thousands of lifetimes. SRT is NOT coming from the certified counselor but from higher levels of Hierarchy. Once identified, the discordant energies are removed and replaced with positive records, usually bringing about the desired and often miraculous changes in a person's life. SRT is done remotely, so can be accessed through this website from any place in the world for release of the negative energies that hold us back from our perfect life. I am also a certified practitioner in EMF Balancing
Technique, I am a Medical Intuitive and I am a certified practitioner of Orion DNA Healing Techniques. DNA work includes Activation of dormant strands of DNA, Gene Replacement, Core Belief Repatterning on four levels. These can be done by telephone as well as in person.

Leanne Hill

Loveland, CO 80538
United States
Phone 970-593-1222

Life-Force Therapy and Training
Life-Force Therapy is a New System of Healing Integration. LFT sessions uniquely blend physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual approaches, to relieve the stresses of our accelerated, high-tech lifestyle.

A Life-Force Therapy Session offers that missing ingredient to our busy lives. A time to slow down and be with someone who gives total attention to your pains and issues…and also guides you to your Heart and Soul as well. A time to nourish what is really important for your health and your happiness. Treatments include Hands-on Healing for your Body (Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Yoga Therapy), Energy Coaching for your Mind, and Meditation for your Spirit.

Life-Force Therapy provides Clients with an effective Healing Treatment plus an Awakening Growth Experience. LFT also trains Practitioners to learn Quantum Healing Techniques and develop a powerful transformative Presence.

Life-Force Therapy is an ALL-IN-ONE Treatment that brings you back into balance at all levels.

San Diego
Paul Wellin

San Diego, CA 92116
United States
Phone (619) 574-1170

Lift Your Spirit- Transformational Healing
Angel Light offers you the most advanced and ancient transformational methods to help connect you to your heart center and divine energies. Clear the source of physical, emotional and relationship issues and see your life take off to new levels of growth!

Angel Workshops bring in the power of the angels in your life! Transformational Healing works with divine consciousness to clear the karmic cause of issues in your life bringing you to the highest levels of joy and clarity. See how your life shifts after one session!

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone and at a distance.

Client comments:

Donna Joyce

Potomac, Md 20854
United States
Phone 1-877-543-2546

Light Healing
Have you ever wondered about these questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? I have and through my search I have come across some tools that can help you find yourself, including space clearing and Akashic Records. I have combined techniques to aid in clearing the body, mind, and spirit so that more light energies can be integrated into your beingness, hence the name Integrative Light Energetics. If any of the following resonates with you in any way, you are a light being on a search for Love and Light. Turn away from the dark and face the Light! Your spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters are waiting to assist you!
Brenda Jamieson
Po Box 422
Mahomet, IL 61853
United States

Lightpath Training
Barry is a healer and teacher of body therapy and Reiki Master with over 30 years of experience. His ability to scan by distance with only a christian name has been enourmously helpful for many people who had difficulty finding out why they had pain and suffering in the physical. The finer energy bodies can also be scanned and healed.
Herne Hill
Barry Elwin-Jones
111 Robinson Road
Herne Hill, WA 6056
Phone 61 08 92963632

Linda Frock
852 St. Edmonds Place
Annapolis, MD 21401
United States
Phone (410) 849-2174

Linda J. Wells
Feeling stuck? Can't break through? Don't know what's
holding you back? Experience joy, freedom and a sense of
empowerment in every area of your life. It really can be yours!

Meridian therapies (EFT, BSFF) are like acupuncture for your emotions, without needles! Healing is fast and effective.
Release emotional or physical issues, get relief from allergic-like symptoms (food and environmental sensitivities), improve personal performance, or increase
prosperity. Have it all!

Call and make an appointment today. Learn techniques to heal
yourself! RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED; all major credit cards accepted.
San Francisco
Linda Wells
Create Change (tm)
San Francisco, CA
United States
Phone 415.431.5621
Fax 415.354.3288

Lisa Campion
I am a psychic specializing in healing. Get a reading (Past life, relationship, money, health, career, your mission and the future) while recieveing an energy healing.

I work with Reiki, crystals, flower essences and other techniqies for energy healings.

I am also a medical intuitive and will help you meet your guides. Spiritual counseling for those in a spiritual or psychic crisis or opening.

Psychic develpoment classes and Reiki classes available too.

Come and check out my FREE Reiki Share! First Friday of every month!
Lisa Campion
208 Main Street
Milford, MA 01757
United States

Lorenzo Enrico
I want to share with you the bliss that comes with experiencing being alive wholeheartedly and prepare you as well to receive the many benefits that are already there awaiting that moment when harmoniously your body and mind meet with a single purpose-- creating the suitable conditions that’ll facilitate your fully witnessing yourself within; using understanding and compassion--the eye of love

San Francisco
Lorenzo Mejia
San Francisco California
San Francisco, CA 94117
United States
Phone 415 260 0803
Fax 415 621 4202

Los Angeles Vocational Institute
Los Angeles Vocational Institute provides students with the best possible training in Massage Therapy, Bodywork and Natural Healing Modalitites they will need for a successful career n the healing arts and sciences.

We have developed a system of bodywork, which supports the unique, inner health and growth processes of each individual by recognizing the unity of the body, mind and spirit.
Los Angeles
Gary Stuart
3540 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste. 410
Los Angeles, CA 90010
United States
Phone 213-480-4882

Lynda Yraceburu
Traditional Healing - a blending of Romani Chovani (gypsy) and Quero Apache Tlish Diyan, 2-3 hour session includes body and stonework, energy running, counseling, personal ritual, herb and dietary needs, and how to recreate a lifestyle of harmony.
San Diego
Lynda Yraceburu
San Diego Circle
San Diego, CA 92104
United States
Phone 760-445-6266

Lynn Chandler
I am a Reiki Master/Teacher from Boulder, Colorado. The goal of my site is to make Reiki available and AFFORDABLE to all who seek it's amazing healing energy. Individual Reiki sessions as well as Reiki classes and attunements are available at affordable rates. It would be my honor to be a part of your healing journey through the use of Reiki.
Lynn Chandler
5505 Valmont Rd. #107
Boulder, CO 80301
United States
Phone 303-543-2185

Madame Violet
Madame Violet is a spiritual advisor, professional psychic, metaphysical facilitator, lightarian facilitator, and reiki grand master. She teaches many courses in energy healing and metaphysics. In addition to her teaching abilities, Madame Violet guides her guests to spirtual happiness with her truthful and compassionate psychic revelations.
Violet Paille
465 Ferry Rd.
Winnipeg, MB r3j 1w5

Magenta Wave Multi-dimensional Energy Healing
Magenta Wave is a channeled multi-dimensional energy healing system used for freeing a person from lower energies of any origin, which leads to a complete restoration of emotional, mental and physical processes in the human body.

If you’re lost and in need of loving guidance and kind advice on how to improve a certain situation in your life, I can connect with your guides, the angelic realm and spiritual masters to help you achieve balance, clarity and direction in life.

Angelica Vutselo

Edmonton, ALB T6J 4G6
Phone (780)439-4425
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