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Niki Kissell
I am available for Reiki sessions evenings and weekends in my studio or your home. I also facillitate guided meditation for individuals, groups, or in corporate settings. I am located in Parrish Florida - central to Bradenton, Sarasota, Tampa, and St. Petersburg
Niki Kissell

Parrish, FL 34219
United States
Phone (941) 776-1235

Nona Hatay
Visual Meditation DVD " A new way to relax"

Stunning & intriguing mirrored images of Nature by Reiki master & Pranic Healer Nona Hatay, blend very slowly to create a kaleidoscopic effect that is both entertaining and relaxing. There is a choice of three different programs - 3, 10, & 20 minute and 6 originally composed soundreacks by sound healers.many recommendations on its value to help relax and perhaps balance Rt/Left brain & othe positive effects.

By mail order $ 25.-
November Gift giving special more than three @ 12.50 each

See http://www.nonahatay.com/dvd.html to order

Nona Hatay
Box 1351 Northampton MA 01061
Northampton, MA 01061
United States
Phone 413 210-7907

Obtain Your Goal, Inc.
Obtain Your Goal Inc. provides seminars,workshops, classes and one on one personal sessions. Discover the power of your inner YOU. Learn how to crate a better future with exercise, guided imagery, Thetahealing, DNA activation and Belief reprogramming techniques, Life between Life and Timeline regression, Meditation, Relaxation,Self-hypnosis, Stress Mgt and Weight Mgt programs. Learn from the teachings of Edgar Cayce and more.
Mercedes Martinez
7800 S.W. 57th AVe Suite 223
Miami, FL 33156
United States
Phone 305-542-5748

Open Gateways, Inc.
In 1998, the delightful multi-dimensional being known as Baratta first spoke through channeler Dale Carley. Since that time, Baratta has worked with hundreds of people, providing life-changing insights combined with a gentle, healing love.

During private sessions, which are conducted by phone or in person, Baratta assists people in releasing old emotions that are creating blockages in people's lives, and where appropriate, he uses guided imagery to assist in that process. CD's of Baratta's workshops are available as well, which provide information and guided journeys dealing with many different growth issues.
Port Hueneme
Dale Carley
PO Box 879
Port Hueneme, CA 93044-0879
United States
Phone 888-422-7288

Pamela Arwine
Pamela Arwine offers Private Sessions, in person in Colorado City, CO. or over the telephone, which integrate several powerful modalities in a compassionate, loving and direct approach:

  • Usui Reiki
  • Karuna® Reiki
  • Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Meditation
  • Quantum Quest Advanced Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling
  • Advanced Holistic Healing
  • Rubenfeld™ Synergy Method
  • Akashic Records Reading
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Quantum Healing Energetics
  • Healing with the Sound of Light
  • Lemurian Light Healing

    She'll look into your field of energy, drawing out energies, frequencies and patterns which may be keeping you stuck, talk things through to shift awareness and nurture healing with powerful energetic transmissions. Her full line of more than 50 beautiful Meditation CD's will support you along the journey back to physical and emotional health and full awareness of your soul. Pamela offers classes in the dynamic new system she has developed, Quantum Healing Energetics, Healing with the Sound of Light. This groundbreaking new system incorporates the use of 20 powerful energetics applied in a way that honors the unique needs of each individual. She offers three levels of training in the Lemurian Light Healing which was channeled to her during a trip to Tibet in 2005. She also offers workshops in Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy (including Past Life Regression Work) as well as advanced Master Intuitive Healing. She'll take you from beginning to very advanced with the intention of bringing students through a path of healing into the clarity and bliss of pure awareness.

  • Colorado City
    Pamela Arwine
    PO Box 19815
    Colorado City, CO 81019
    United States
    Phone 719-404-4070

    Patricia J. Stout, LCSW
    Holistic Counseling with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker;Psycho-Spiritual Integration;Integrative Breathwork (Certified facilitator)

    I offer individual, marital, family, and group counseling with a psycho-spiritual focus, which means that we focus not only on the presenting problem but also the opportunity for growth toward full potential and fulfillment of the person's life purpose. I use an empowering approach and often incorporate art, music, meditation, breath relaxation training, archetypal and dream work, and drama.

    Breathwork is deep process work, an inner journey done individually or in community, with music, deep breathing, freedom of expression, symbolic imagery and artwork, and a sacred intention for healing both self and the fabric or being of which we all are a part.
    Patricia Stout

    Mandeville, LA
    United States
    Phone 985-264-8089

    Poems Heal Creative Arts Center
    Poems Heal Creative Arts Center is a multidisciplinary therapy practice run by a NYS licensed clinical social worker.

    The center offers opportunities for healing through the creative arts. Services are available for individuals, couples / families or groups.

    Monthly poetry circles are available. On-going therapy groups using therapeutic journaling and psychodramatic techniques are forming now.

    Fees are flexible. Please call for an intake appointment or for a listing of available groups.
    Nancy Scherlong
    P.O. Box 912
    Carmel, NY 10512
    United States
    Phone 914-572-3167
    Fax 845-424-4172

    Marc St. Camille, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in private practice for over 9 years. Has been working with hypnosis to treat many areas; such as:

















    Who we are today is not the person we need be tomorrow. Your mind is a powerful control center; which I facilitate you to use effectively to improve many areas of your life.

    Marc St.Camille, CHT
    East Delaware Place. 1 block West of John Hancock
    Chicago, IL 60611
    United States
    Phone 312-440-1908

    Pure Energy Healer
    Laura the voice of truth, psychic medium and advisor, healer, soul readings, emotional clearings, Certified holistic health coach, Ayurvedic methods and modalities, In house or on line counseling or readings (http://www.pureenergyhealer.com and http://www.empoweringyourspirit.com. Or join Laura's Spiritual Forum or listen to her radio show through Blog Talk Radio '' Empowering your Spirit with Laura the voice of truth'' both can be accessed through http://www.empoweringyourspirit.net. or http://www.pureenergyhealer.com

    Laura The Voice of truth specializes in healing the body, mind, and spirit, through holistic and spiritual practices.

    Laura also offers workshops, seminars and certification courses and classes in Modern Spirituality. Laura Schwalm-Anthony's seminar's Lecture's and workshops, in modern spirituality facilitates the achievement of Conscious Awareness through full-body Consciousness. She highlights universal and cosmic laws, explaining how the laws of the Universe can create security, stability and anchor in life. The result is conscious navigation of Life by implementing supportive behaviors and habits. Instruction includes holistic health topics, including building the immune system and nervous system through preventative holistic and spiritual care.

    When we create Consciousness Awareness, we begin to see clearly the limiting and sabotaging behaviors that perpetuate our undesirable life experiences and circumstances. Laura teaches how to become witness to one’s soul path to create a successful, fulfilling lifestyle supportive of this path.

    The class environment is open and inviting, allowing students to ask questions and get mini soul readings while gaining the tools they need to build success and wellness in their lives, and learn to feel more emotionally balanced, even in these stressful times.

    New York
    laura schwalm
    445 East 80th Street
    New York, NY 10075
    United States
    Phone 212-933-4288

    Qigong in China - Educational Services
    Travel/study adventures to China include major attractions (Great Wall, Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Army, Three Gorges). Trips: 16 to 21 days. 25 CEU's for RN's, LCSW's and MFT's.
    Unique experiences in unusual areas of China. Cost: $3000-$3500, includes airfare from San Francisco, meals, accommodations. Great trips, a great opportunity to learn while you travel to some of the world's most exotic locations.

    Karen Kramer
    1314 Ordway Street
    Berkeley, CA 94702
    United States
    Phone 510-527-7154
    Fax 510-527-8373

    Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center
    When Nothing Else Works!

    Quantum Lifeworks Institute&Longevity Center is dedicated to providing skills and life strategies that will facilitate miracles of healing on all levels. Through private consultation and workshops we can and do neutralize the useless forms of: guilt,fear,panic,trauma,painful war memories and self doubt,depression that weigh down our self image and limits our capacity to experience joy,inner peace and unlimited abundance. We offer weight management,stress reduction,and relationship counseling.
    Chapel Hill
    Quantum Lifeworks Institute & Longevity Center
    20000 Spring Meadow Drive Suite 102
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    United States
    Phone 919-490-5474
    Fax 919-969-9638

    RAPHAEL A Health Choice
    RAPHAEL A Health Choice is a Holistic Health Center specializing in Guided Imagery and Animal Communication. We offer consultations in Natural Health and Nutrition. RAPHAEL can also provide guidance with fasting, herbs, homeopthics, essential oils, iridology, color therapy and other healing modalities.

    RAPHAEL currently gives lectures and classes in Animal Communication, Guided Imagery, Natural Health and Reiki.

    www.raphael4u.com raphael4u@iquest.net
    Tricia Loudenback
    4823 Mesa Drive
    Indianapolis, IN 46241
    United States
    Phone 928-203-8736
    Fax 317-244-2548

    reko shizuku seno
    PHONE CONSULTATION: A private and confidential Consultation of your subject matter using the Ancient Wisdoms and their contemporary significance. Also, Conscious awareness of body mind connection to help move through pain, emotional as well as physical. We will recall Archtypes which guide us through Purification and Neutralization of memories that you wish to be liberated from. With Interactive Visualization we gain assistance in re-patterning old reactions with new actions. You choose the new visions.

    PRIVATE & GROUP "Movement Meditation" CLASS: Here, we can bring in the physical aspect of Yoga and Movement with quiet awareness for Stress Reduction, Postural Alignment, Joint Mobilzation and Strengthening. With Ambient/Sacred Sounds, this work can help everyone Relax. Bring your meditative awareness into the realm of karma/action and create a spiritual bridge of peace from your seated practice to your daily life.

    reko seno

    Honolulu, HI 96813
    United States
    Phone 888-255-9655x0043
    Fax 808-550-2644

    reSource therapeutic massage andbodywork
    I have taken the various courses and combined the best of what works for my clients so that I can facilitate their ability to re- source themselves. Learning to listen to their bodies and being able to integrate the information into their lives allows my clients to live happier, less pain filled and more rewarding lives.
    Jan Loomis
    at Sacred Rivers Yoga inGlastonbury and CT Center for Human Growth and Development in Colchester, CT
    Plainville, CT 06062
    United States
    Phone 860-402-1928, 860-86

    Rev. Martha M. Worsley, CSC, RMT
    Founder and President of Eden Revisited Healing Ministry, Inc., a Spiritual, Healing, Energy and Educational Center Without Walls. A Multi-Modality Healer, International Speaker, Teacher, Motivator. Multi-Modality Healing: Spiritual Counseling; Reiki (Usui, Japanese, Tera Mai); Shaman's Touch Healing; Divine Energy Healing; Hypnotherapy; Guided Imagery; Meditation, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET); Emotional Healing Techniques; Raindrop Technique; Pendulum Work, Produces Relaxation CDs and tapes;Interfaith Ministerial Services.
    http://www.edenrevisited.com or www.marthaworsley.com
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    Martha Worsley
    1909 University Blvd., S., #502
    Jacksonville, FL 32216, FL 32216
    United States
    Phone 904 721-5977 & 396-1113
    Fax 904 721-5977

    Everything and everyone has a frequency. Everything is energy and everything is possible. We live at the thereshold of a universal recognition that the human being is not mere matter but a potent energetic field of consciousness.

    The understanding of self as a vibrating energy field, holding and containing our embodied physical life, brings our awareness to the deeper dimension of our spiritual essence, and our divine power to create.

    Electromagnetic currents are directly involved in our thoughts and emotions. The traumas and the limiting beliefs that are the root of psychological issues appear as blockages or distortions in the energy field. The energy blocks are living thought forms that we have created due to our unlimited understanding of what and who we are.

    When our field is out of balance we are perceiving life according to our judgments and distorted beliefs.This affects our connection with life and the environment around us. We increasingly react to our own projection, rather than what really is there.

    It is important to understand the concept of an emotional state. A state has an energetic resonance. Our emotional state is determined by our internal representations and our physiology. When one is depressed one is looking at life in a particular way, as well as using the body in a particular manner to feel depressed.

    From a state of disappointment we are attracting more disappointment.

    Energy follows thought, and matter follows energy. As we interlace thought with emotion, we become a most powerful magnet. The subject of our attention is what attracts, whether it is what we want, or that which we do not want. Everything we bring into our experience we bring through the law of attraction. We are magnetic beings attracting people, events, and lifestyle.Understand the principles of attraction and you will understand how you are getting what you are in your life experience.

    Katherine Dahni

    Makawao, Hawaii 96768
    United States
    Phone 808 573-3959
    Fax 702 631 0591

    Rose Rockney
    Fast body re-alignment without twisting or popping; rebalance emotions, release stress and promote balance in the physical body effortlessly.

    See the websites at



    St Paul
    Rose Rockney

    St Paul, MN 55104
    United States
    Phone 651-335-1474

    Rosemary Conte--Hypnosis for Change
    Hypnosis therapy, past life regression, guided imagery done in a soothing, healing environment. Quit smoking, lose weight, panic, anxiety, phobias, depression, infertility; hypnobirthing, relationship, career & learning problems; sexual abuse, HIV, effects of cancer and its treatment, IBS, & much more. Custom audio tapes made for all clients; (made-to-order tapes available for web purchase.) EFT & Life Coaching can be done over phone & email. I'm available to speak to your group or organization or to provide group trainings in stress management, weight release, smoke cessation and other topics. Peace.
    Rosemary Conte
    Matawan, NJ
    Matawan, NJ 07747-3401
    United States
    Phone 732-583-4959
    Fax 732-583-4959

    Ruth Meinking
    Holistic Counseling for alligning the mind, body, emotions and Spirit. I am an advocate for your well being and support you in making positive changes to create your quality lifestyle. From your intentions, we work together for you to move through blocks and practice living now the life you've always wanted!

    Guided meditation CD designed to enhance your personal growth process for body, mind, emotions, and Spirit. Ruth's voice provides a soothing, sacred space for you to explore your true self and release restrictions to living life fully. Background instrumental music played by heart-felt musicians. Awaken your true self with the topics of Attention to Intention, Forgiveness, Embracing Change, Living a Wellness Lifestyle and A Grateful Heart.
    Colorado Springs
    Ruth Meinking
    1495 Garden of the Gods, #105
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    United States
    Phone 719-632-0008

    Scott Sulak, BCH, CHT
    Hypnotherapy and counseling.

    Scott is the author of a wide range of best-selling, cutting edge self-help CDs and audiotapes including his new 6-CD series entitled Get Your Ship Together: Be the Captain of Your Subconscious Mind, and frequently lectures on such topics as Ending Insomnia, Reducing Daily Stress, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Self Esteem, and Pain Control. He has written dozens of articles and reports on the subject of change and behavior modification, and has been active in mind training, personal development and motivation since 1982.

    To continue his personal goal �To assist people in need of personal change and help put a stop to unnecessary pain and suffering� Scott founded ChangeForGood.com in 1998 to serve the online community.
    Scott Sulak, BCH, CHT
    12624 NE 85th Street
    Kirkland,, WA 98033
    United States
    Phone 425 739-0558
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