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16x16 giclee print on canvas. Artist embellished and ready to hang.

This image was published in the 2003 We'Moon by Mother Tongue Ink. Our bodies are the temple of our Spirit. The body is sacred and to be treated with respect and tender nurturance. In this image, the Earth has become animated as a tender female form. Her hair is the water, her body the land. Her creative center, her belly, is full & alive and she exists peacefully amidst the stars. She emanates the energy of healthy self care and self love, reminding us to truly love ourselves and Mother Earth.
Category:Prints - Art
Price: $145.00
Member:Beth Budesheim
Shipping Timeframe:5-10 days
Shipping: $0
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Size: 16x16 on canvas
Weight: 5.0 lbs.

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