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Tantra sessions by Ra healing Arts

In an Intuitive Tantra session, you will feel the sacred sensual touch enhanced with aromatherapy and sound healing to release blockages in the body and an energetic balancing to harmonize your chakra centers, the 7 main energy centers of the body.

You will learn natural alternatives to address sexual health concerns and discuss what it means to cultivate your sexual energy and awaken your creative powers. Know what it means to be a better lover for yourself and others in the tantra practice.

Singles may practice tantra yoga to turn on their magnetic energies of manifesting desires or attract the opposite sex. Couples may bless their union and be more fulfilled in intimacy.

Whether you are single or married, I will help you to detach from the heavy burdens of the world and to stay connected in love and peace.

I have acquired Reiki Attunments, Acutonics, Kundallini Yoga for Youth Certification and a Intuitive Tantra Certification.

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