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Emotional Healing

InnerSpeak Cards


Entered by jeanadrienne.byregion.net

Thousands have experienced incredible clearings with the powerful InnerSpeak Cards. You can clear your own blocks easily with this 72 card oracle deck. Find out more on www.jeanadrienne.com/books/

Health and Wellness

Reconnecting Soul - 142 Card DNA Activation Deck

jeanadrienne@mindspring.com www.jeanadrienne.com

Entered by jeanadrienne.byregion.net

At some point in human evolution we had 144 strands of DNA. Re-activate yours now, along with the associated attributes of consciousness using these new cards.To purchase click www.jeanadrienne.com/books/

Past Life Therapy

Past Life Karmic Clearing


Entered by jeanadrienne.byregion.net

InnerSpeak sessions allow the Soul and Body to communicate via kinesiology exactly what is keeping you from being all you can be in any area of your life. Heal physical, spiritual, emotional pain, resolve relationship and financial issues and much more. Visit www.jeanadrienne.com for more information. Sessions available via phone.

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