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Sound Therapy - Healing Arts
Voice Workshop (self-care) Day 1 (can be taken alone) & 2
Oct 25 to 26, 2018
Learn to express your inner sound to resonate and tune your body, mind, and spirit. In this workshop we will explore 7 segments of the body from head to toe with our breath, our sound, self-massage and other exercises. These ‘diaphragms’- partitions of muscle and connective tissue- also correspond to parts of the subtle energy and chakra system.
These tools are supportive of everyone, including students and healthcare professionals helping to bring more awareness of self and overall coherence that becomes a
model for others to follow to find their owninternal balance.
In Day 2 we work with each other to o anchor the skills learned in Day 1, learning to create short self-care protocols (some just a few moments in
length) for daily use to promote wellness goals.

Time 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM
9 am to 6 pm both Thurs & Friday
Cost VOICE WORKSHOP 2 days $280/EB $220 by Sept 25 VOICE WORKSHOP Day 1 only $200 (no EB) Voice Workshop/Tuning Fork Training Special discount: $100 off 4 day price / $50 off 3 day price BASIC & ADVANCED Tuning Fork Training: $360/ $325 Early bird (by Sept 27) / Repeat $180 4 day price = 540/EB $445 3 day price = $510/EB $475 Repeat TF Training- 4 day price = 360/EB 300 3 day = 330 4 days = 34 CE hours 3 days = 26 CE hours
Location Hope Presbyterian Church 7132 Portland Ave 5542
Richfield, MN
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Contact Cathy Bender Tel: (612) 812-8953 cathyandjeffbender@earthlink.net


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