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Energy Therapists
Seichim Practitioner, Master and Teacher certification class)
Dec 21, 2019
with Barbara Carlton Master and Teacher

Seichim is an ancient and sacred form of hands on healing that originates from Egypt or perhaps earlier. Seichim (pronounced say-kim), sometimes spelt Sekhem or SKHM, is the Reiki system as used in ancient Egypt. The Seichim attunement and the Reiki master attunement, are similar but bring in a slightly different energy type, which will be available to you while healing. There is no need for you to consciously choose this alternate energy type, as it will be selected automatically when appropriate, however you can consciously select it using your intent if your intuition suggests it.
Barbara Carlton Reiki Master/Teacher Usui Shiki Ryoho since 2000, I am 6th in Reiki lineage after Mikao Usui,a Master/Teacher. A Johrei Teacher, 4th in lineage. Kundalini Reiki Master, Seichim Master/Teacher since 2007.

Register: preregistration required

or call:585-349-3400

Time 01:00 AM to 6:30 PM
Ticket 175, Pay cash, check or paypal
Location Linda Style, Lynrose Farm, 145 Shepardson Road, Warwick 01378
Warwick, MA
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Contact barbara.carlton111@gmail.com 585-349-3400


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