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Shamanic Healers
Australia Journey Passage
Jun 13, 2018
Invites you to explore The Shaman Way. Discover Birth Root. The Natural Worlds Code is in you. Together we have a notion of how to retrieve your Links and activate your Code. Also, do you seek LifeWork in the dance of serving, sharing and reconciliation for our GrandMother Earth and her families? You will work with other group members and the Sacred in transforming perceptions and behaviors.

Well humans living their LifeWork are too busy to be destructive, violent and polarized.

Indigenous Shaman

Time to be announced
Cost domestic and international call and discuss
Location Dorrigo, NSW, Australia
Bellingen, NSW, Australia
URL View WebSite
Contact oceanearth.earthocean@gmail.com More information: EarthThunder 208.599.1004

Earth Healing
Summer Solstice Gathering
Jun 21, 2018
GrandMother Earth and her families are honored in their time of awakening dreams. EarthCentered Spirituality moves in the cycles of the seasons. Summer is flowing of dreams maturing.

Time call and register
Cost overflow donation
Location Danskin Mtns
Boise, Idaho
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Contact EarthThunder oceanearth.earthocean@gmail.com

Retreats - Alternative
1-Day Wilderness Retreat 'JOURNEY SONG'
Sep 21 to 22, 2018
Shamanic process to retrieve your ‘real’ identities.
Every human is a primary CODE. Being in Wild Nature is very helpful
to recover your primary Codes as well as how to disseminate
your extensive resources.

Smoking Mirror Ceremonies
...reveal your LifeWork.

Time 9am to 4pm each day
Cost $75 per person - not including lodging or transportation
Location No. Fork of the Payette
Crouch, Idaho
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Contact pre-registration oceanearth.earthocean@gmail.com 208.599.1004

Earth Healing
Autumnal Equinox (Fall) GATHERING
Sep 23, 2018
International Indigenous West to East Honoring Ritual. Called by Portal Keepers of the Autumnal Equinox.

Time call and register
Cost Abundance Giveaway
Location Boise, Idaho
Southwest Idaho
URL View WebSite
Contact Pre registration oceanearth.earthocean@gmail.com Call 208.599.1004


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