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The Key to Happiness
All of humanity wants one thing, and one thing only: to be happy.

Florida - Sunday, August 15th 2004 - All of humanity wants one thing, and one thing only: to be happy. We all want love, to feel valued, respected, appreciated, and cherished.

Many of us have searched outside of ourselves for the keys to happiness. We’ve searched for the right partner, home, car, job, position, stature, financial security, acknowledgment or respect in society.

We are led to believe that if or when we have any of the above, then we will be happy. This is the illusion, or delusion that you must free yourself from if you truly want to be happy. The only thing you will ever need to be happy is a pure mind, and a spiritual connection to God, as you understand Him or Her to be.

A mind that is pure means that we are no longer clinging to outside attachments to fulfill our inner happiness. As you may very well know, you can meet someone so dear and special; feel as if you are on a cloud in Heaven, only to find yourself in deep pain if discord arises in the relationship. We’ve all been there, and it’s the deepest pain that arises due to our attachment to the other person.

How do you let go of attachment to someone you love? It’s truly simple. Focus on a time when you believed that having someone in your life would “make you happy.” Now, focus on a time when you were in pain as a result of disharmony within the relationship. What you thought would be a source of happiness became a source of pain. Anything that will bring you lasting happiness will never bring you pain. The only thing that will free you from pain is a pure mind, and clear focus that it is the attachment that is causing you pain. This has nothing to do with the person being in or out of your life. It only has to do with your attachment based on a false or deluded belief within your mind that must be cleared in order for you to experience true and lasting happiness by being, living, expressing yourself, and in creating your joys, as opposed to chasing after them, or wishing for them.

Whenever you are wishing or hoping you will be in pain. I can share with you that I learned “I only need God and a pure mind to be happy.” A pure mind is free from wishing, hoping, longing, analyzing, regretting, debating, and searching. A pure mind can only be in the moment. A pure mind is free from the delusion that anything outside of you will bring you happiness. Once you realize this, and focus on this concept, you will gradually reduce the ego’s grip over the past and future projections that also cause pain.

Meditation, breathing, wishing for others to be happy, and creating a means by which you can make a positive difference in this world from your heart will bring you far more joy than anything you can ever receive. This is what I have found to be true after receiving so much and continuing to feel miserable. Once I learned how to let go of the delusions of desirous attachment, I found the key to inner peace. It is all within the mind.

It is your perceptions about certain people and events that are either causing you misery or freedom from pain. By giving loving compassion and understanding to others while they are on a growing and learning path, you ultimately free yourself from pain because you are no longer judging others. The ego loves to judge. A pure mind releases all judgment, and wishes every sentient being peace, just as we wish for peace for our loved ones and ourselves.

Forgiveness means letting go of judgment. Each person is doing his or her own best. Sometimes people will act in an unharmonious way just as they are making a breakthrough in their growth process. If someone you know is dedicated to becoming his or her own best, then anytime they make a mistake, or behave in a way that is not displaying their highest and best, support for their growth and understanding will fare far better than judgment and an unsupportive attitude.

Forgive anyone you care about if they are sincerely trying to grow. Forgive all others for their delusions that may have caused you harm or pain, because it is the delusions within their mind that cause strife. Send them loving thoughts for all delusions to be lifted from their minds, and keep an open and compassionate heart, while you give people a chance that are sincerely putting their best effort into their personal growth.

Another delusion is that when someone has does something that is less than pleasant many times in the past, and they finally see the err in their ways, that they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. When a person truly wants to better him or herself, and they fall short, and ask for forgiveness, the only person who will ultimately feel pain is the person who does not forgive. Anyone can turn himself or herself around when they truly want to.

The people in our lives that we are closest to who cause us to turn within to search for answers are the greatest gifts for our personal growth. The only key is to honor them and ourselves with a transparent love that is without condition, and attachment. If your love is conditional, then it is not pure love; it is an ego-based attachment for either fulfillment or control. This is what causes pain in so many relationships. It is the ego that seeks after control via judgment or perceived fulfillment that keeps our minds like prisoners. The result is always pain. A mind that is consciously guarded against disharmonious judgments and desirous attachments will always be free from pain. Notice, without judgment, the thoughts that are running through your mind, and see if there is any judgment or desirous attachment to a certain condition. Once you notice that there is, simply replace it with the truth; that all you need is a strong spiritual connection and a pure mind in order to be happy.

Once you can learn to train your mind to guard yourself from deluded, judgmental and controlling thoughts, based on desirous attachment to any outcome or condition, you will know what true happiness really is. There is no greater peace than peace of mind. Guard your mind as you would a precious jewel. And as you do, you will realize that it is your mind that is the source of all happiness, no matter what condition or circumstance you are facing. Once you free your mind of all delusions, you will come to feel an unconditional joy that is like nothing you have ever experienced, because nothing in this universe can ever take it away.

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