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Living in Freedom & Love Without Conditions: New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation
Book published on personal growth through teachings from Ascended Master Germain

Wendell, MA 01379 - Thursday, April 02nd 2015 - Do you want to live in freedom? Freedom from fear. Freedom from stress. Freedom to see life as an adventure to be savored, rather than an ordeal to get through. This is the freedom that comes from opening in Love to all beings, especially your Self, knowing that you are one with all life. This is the freedom that comes from knowing you are divine, a divine spark of Source/Creator. This is the freedom that comes from knowing that you create your life, so you can change what you wish to change.

Helping people realize such freedom is the purpose of the teachings and energy activations offered to humanity by Ascended Master Germain and the collective consciousness of the multi-dimensional Masters of Shamballa, through John Armitage, aka Hari Das Baba, and New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation.

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