Giselle Denisse Santome Articles - Table of Contents
  • "HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR MASSAGE TREATMENT WITH REIKI"  by Giselle Denisse Santome, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, NCTMB approved pro
    The physical body is a manifestation of your thoughts and feelings which are stored in the aura. Illnesses and problems begin at the auric level and if not treated on time will manifest physically. Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing system which triggers the body’s natural ability to improve and maintain good health. It helps the body attain its natural balance, thus releasing blocked energy causing illness and other problems.. September 2011
  • "A Soul With a Living Body"  by Giselle Denisse Santome
    When people ask the question “who are you?" the answer is usually “I am John”, “I’m a woman” or “I am human”, etc. When we refer to ourselves, often times we are talking about ourselves “the body”, tangible, living and vulnerable to illnesses. . July 2011
  • "Enhance Your Massage Therapy Practice With Reiki"  by Giselle Denisse Santome, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher
    As a Massage Therapist you work so hard and diligently at helping people release physical pain. As an expert in human anatomy you know the exact area to target on your client’s body to relieve pain and prevent further discomfort. You spend hours every week massaging people and restoring them to good health from the stress blocked in their body. In doing so, you are also using your own body as a healing tool and absorbing the energy that is being released by them. This negative energy remains with you, unless you know how to release yourself of them or protect yourself from absorbing them. If your energy field constantly gets disturbed, eventually you will wear down physically and/or mentally. . May 2011
  • "Transform Anxiety into Awareness"  by Giselle Denisse Santome
    Anxiety is triggered by stress in your life, a sense of constant worry and fear about the uncontrollable outside forces we encounter daily. These days stress seems to be a normal way of life, beginning at work with project deadlines or company down sizing, traffic jams, juggling between kids homework and making dinner to trying to have some kind of social life in your busy schedules.. March 2011