TWO BEARS - Volume 6 ~ Issue # 8 - July 1st, 2016
This is July 1, 2016 issue for my monthly subscription TWO BEARS.

April 08th 2017 - TWO BEARS
Volume 6 ~ Issue #8 – July 1st, 2016
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Welcome & Greetings of Divine Grace & Remembrance to the July 2016 issue of TWO BEARS. This particular issue will very terse, but contain two very important messages, so there will not be three sections as usual ONLY ONE so the information flow in the manner that it it is totally heart-centered. Many of you might remember that CIRCLE OF GRACE 1 came into being under the Aegis & Anointing of The Angel of Grace through Divine Providence on July 2nd, 1999AD...July 2nd, 2016 marks its 17th Anniversary. This message comes from AHKENATEN....

I AM AHKENATEN and I speak through my adopted Son, Amenaten (FERB), this message given to you this day in honor of his 17th Anniversary of his Circle of Grace 1 – spiritual & metaphysical ministry.... “When we speak of Glory, we speak of the Light that is within all of you. We see you all as this Glorious Light of Unconditional Love that is beginning to shine brightly in so many different ways. I ask that you go deep inside to remember your own divinity so that this world called 3D Earth can See, Feel and Receive it...Yes, it is difficult to separate yourself mind and your feelings for what you have grown accustomed to for now and for so many incarnations. However, you can release yourself through the thoughts or feelings of anger, hatred or injustice. You can ONLY free yourself through the demonstration and display of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and as you do this DAILY the I AM PRESENCE OF DIVINE GRACE shall manifest in you and then materialize around you.”

“You were always ONE WITH ALL and never separated as that was a thought implanted in you temporarily. Now is the time to come forth and let go...Remember your are a whole and partial part of
DIVINE SOURCE AS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & GRACE and thus you never cease to be. You only contract for a moment and expand for an eternity. You are already at the very beginning of a new era in which the fifth dimension is awakened in you. Soon you shall discover that the other dimensions higher are already partially dormant in you. Spend more time in prayer and meditation and even in the midst of the sun's rays and you will begin to expand and transform yourself into someone new.”

“I, Ahkenaten, say unto you Beloved One that you can do this and you shall recognize when you have done will first see people misreading you, being a tad upset with you because you have changed in where you no longer are entrapped by them. You are no longer playing or even being a victim to anyone and no one is controlling your reactions. You will no longer place yourself into situations that do not serve your highest good nor for the highest good of all. There is so much more and you shall recognize them as they come up in you and around you....” Now I must say that all of us who are already beyond this veil are here to remind you that we also stand on the same side that you are on as well....WE ARE ALWAYS HERE WHERE YOU ARE, but you have to realize that you are already where we are beyond the veil. It is just a matter of you uplifting and raising up your vibration

“The Spiritual-Metaphysical-Shamanic-Magickal Key that unlocks any code is DIVINE LOVE UNDER DIVINE GRACE and not just Joy. The Key is inside of you tucked away in several locations - 3rd Eye,Crown Chakra, Heart Chakra, Soles of Your Feet and Center of Each Palm. There is a Etheric Bridge from the Heart Chakra into the Base of the Throat which also runs from tbe back of your Heart center up the neck form the back into the Base of Your Skull. Activate them by tapping, and massaging gently...also with Tuning Fork Tone F, G, A, B...Use a piano and use the register from Middle C Note to B....strike tones (white keys) F & A together, the G & B together, then strike Middle C or the octave above C. You can do the same with Chakra Tuning Forks and Crystal Bowls. The entire universe works through Tones (Sound) Light and Color (radiation of Light). There are many coming to aid this activation very soon...sooner than you know and many are already amongst you.


Until my next light confirmative session with you....We Love You Unconditionally.
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“Remember that Divine Grace is a Blessing as we are Alive & Well in The Age of Remembrance !”

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