A New Year, A New You: Being Your Best Self
The start of anything new brings some elation, a dash of hope sprinkled with optimism.

January 01st 2006 - Happy, Healthy New Year! 2006 did not begin with a sprint. It seems like we were all a little slow to get out of the starting gate! Maybe it’s because all the holidays were simultaneous or maybe the transportation strike in NYC dimmed a light-hearted holiday mood. Perhaps 2005 was a pivotally difficult year for you. It’s currently mid January, and just now it feels like the beginning of a new season. I, for one, needed to rest and recover from this past year’s intense passages, easing myself into a new season’s beginnings with breath, balance, and introspection in order to set my new year’s intentions.
The start of anything new brings some elation, a dash of hope sprinkled with optimism. 12 years ago I began a tradition with my children. For the New Year we write down all of our hopes and dreams on gray paper with a red pen. When satisfied with our wishes, we roll up our “goal scrolls’, tie them with red ribbon, and hang them up for the holidays. They are then put away until the following December holidays and New Year. It’s fun to read our intentions for the past year. More often than not, we find that 80% or more of our goals materialize. We never peek at them or share them with one another until the end of the year, just for the sheer surprise and to ensure that individual intentions are close inside our hearts.
In creating a game plan or goals for the New Year, it’s important to assess the past by completing and releasing the things that did not go so well, and to evaluate your strengths, your lifestyle and sense of satisfaction, passion, and purpose. This will help you determine how to design a successful new year with new goals. Shake off all disappointments and effectively decide to be your best total self. Now is the time to set into motion a new reality. Fantasize, dream, and meditate on what makes you feel good and the most alive. Write out a wish list, make a list of words and images that brighten your spirit or create a “treasure map” of pictures to help you bring your dreams and goals into fruition. You can do this now. It does not have to be on the first of the year. Decide to powerfully choose to be the best you!
My clients know that I am more than a holistic nutritionist for diet plans and herbal supplements. I create programs that address the totality of the individual, because healing, anti-aging, recovery, pregnancy, being one’s personal best all thrive and flourish by nourishing the spirit, mind and body. All parts of this trinity need to be in balance and cultivated in order to truly have empowered and integrated vibrant health. This is the most powerful center to carry out your dreams.
A healthy body requires nutrients from quality food and supplements, plenty of good fluids, healthy elimination channels, rest, and exercise. The same needs to be applied for the vibrant health in your emotional body, spirit and mind. There are numerous tools, therapies, and modalities that can assist you in all of theses processes. My book Vibrant Living lists and describes these in detail.
Healthy, Happy Wishes for a Fulfilling New Year,

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