Love Letter Ecstasy
The history of love letters is powerful. In museums messages from Napoleon to Antoinette still steam with ecstasy beneath glass: “Returning soon. Don’t wash.” Love letters give us a glimpse of the passion.

September 19th 2008 -
The history of love letters is powerful. In museums messages from Napoleon to Antoinette still steam with ecstasy beneath glass: “Returning soon. Don’t wash.” Love letters give us a glimpse of the passion from soldiers, prisoners and explorers on lonely far away expeditions. The internet takes this a step further. Now we can receive 3 love letters a day through text messaging or internet. Some would even say that the satisfaction gained from love letters is far better then the real thing. Add to this the satisfaction that the loved one is lonely and dying for our love in circumstances that prevent them from cheating.


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The premise of Golden Cadillac love is that in the world of love, lust and undying passion we all become perfect people making perfect promises through love letters. It is a world that sparkles and glitters in our soul as brightly as a Heavenly Golden Cadillac. In the world of perfect love letters, it matters not whether we are deformed, too short, too old, 300 pounds over weight or married. Words have the power of deep satisfying love making. We can go back and read them over and over. They can be collected in boxes or internet archives.


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Many historical love letters are torn and ragged last words from the battle field. Alone, living in rags and filth, surrounded by the dying, soldiers scribbled their love on what ever they could find and prayed their words would reach the hands of their soul mate. Now soldiers can email or text their loved ones, and sustain themselves on romance with more ease. The loneliness and frustration is still there, even far out on sea. This can be a satisfying love for many lonely people. Again, it matters not what you look like or how old you are to give hope.


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There are some women and men who will purposely seek a Golden Cadillac love with a Prison inmate. The one on the outside will be the inspiration and emotional support for the one on the inside. It is an easy love for those much disappointed by relationships. Cheating by the one being incarcerated seems less likely when behind bars. Religious support groups, education and therapy are offered to the prisoner. All this offers a means for the prisoner to get out on good behavior. Many a passionate love letter from inside promises the loved one that their soul purpose for living and breathing, is changing just for the one waiting. In some cases, love letters are healing. The Prison love letter is as old as the Justice system.


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Perhaps some of the most healing and passionate love letters come from those in their 70’s and 80’s. Old of body, they are still young at heart. No one knows this more to be true then themselves. Love letters, love poetry, and wildly insinuating suggestions that must be passionately analyzed for true meaning, are very stimulating and common for Senior Lovers. With computer skills added Senior Love letters can be the most healing and soul enhancing health aid in the world to give sparkle and a will to live. The feeling one has “a lover” even inside assistant living, is as important as it is in high school.

An important love letter caution

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Though love letters are beautiful and give us passion and meaning in life, remember they are of the fantasy world. It is highly unlikely the promises and passion in love letters can be duplicated in real world action. Love letters are a slow hand reaching out to caress us to mental orgasm. It is an experience that can be repeated as many times as we choose to go back and read the words of our admirer.

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