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Age 11-17 our young adults invest in dimensions of insanity for the purpose of cutting the cords to their primary adults. The outcome is a savings account for their own LifeWork as an adult. Rather than a lifetime of being someones daughter or son.

January 19th 2010 - Puberty

Good Morning Rachel, To-date in the big ocean of Mothers, Fathers, and Communities talking about young adult years, one of the notions is:
Rather than talk to the Young Adult about being who they may be-----
In a quiet, ongoing and subtle way
Be an example of what your moral compass is. With applications that are current (not stories of when I was a girl...)
Be an example of functional adult.
Be an example of embarrassed, confused and untrusting adult seeking resources. Then the steps and support system to simplify and sustain.

Putting pix up electronically: On one hand she reflects self-acceptance to allow her picture to be shown so publicly. She is also a part of a global movement of loneliness and loss of deeper relationships because of electronic relating.
Age 11-17 is brain flooding of hormones which accumulate to periods of:
Being immortal
-0- personal and public boundaries

Cutting the cords from primary adults so the child can release being a child and become a functional adult. This is very traumatic for all concerned.
The outcome is a mystery as to the possibility of the young adult and primary adults eventually having anything in common to become a community years later. If not the relationships are complete.

Guardianship of children what a Cycle, hey?

hugs and acknowledgement to both of you!!!

On Jan 15, 2010, at 9:21 PM, Rachel wrote:

She says it's because she thinks she looks better in the mirror. Interesting, Yes over a time period of 4 Moons but in sessions. She puts the pictures on display, facebook, g-mail etc. Communications are sometimes difficult I think, emotional and stressful. Rather dramatic sometimes. Choices are wise usually, actions and reactions are sometimes overcome by emotion. I try to walk beside her and support her. She has many good qualitys.

On Fri Jan 15 8:12 , EarthThunder sent:

Good Morning Rachel,

What are the stories from the 13 yr. old about the pictures? Such as over a time period of 4 Moons - what does she do with the pictures and other things/communications?

As your community, with the permission of your 13 yr. old we can move in and around her recipes. The observations and questions are Not for labeling any one situation, rather seeing the big picture of choices, actions and consequences. Offer our personal experiences/recipes to add to her willingness to listen. Then step beside her and support her as the young woman recipes she is just beginning to weave.

Let me know?

On Jan 15, 2010, at 12:08 AM, Rachel wrote:

Very interesting and thank you for sharing. Do you think that it's unhealthy that me 13 year old takes pictures of herslf in the mirror? a lot of them? I don't know, it just made me think of that.

Thanks for passing me that!

On Fri Jan 8 11:40 , EarthThunder sent:
Earthbased Teaching has the notion that living is movement and dying is being stuck. We are suggesting that words are mirrors to reveal movement or being stuck.
When we are moving there is more possibility for Circles of Recipes. When we are stuck some words or use of sentence construction/meanings take too much for ourselves and our Recipes are ‘yuck’.

Yes words can never hurt you; stick and stones can make you run or fright…so play with me on this journey!

jus·ti·fy vt
to serve reason or excuse for something (often passive)
to give somebody an acceptable reason for taking a particular action (often passive)
to give a reason or explanation why something was done
to free somebody from sinfulness through faith in Jesus Christ or by the grace of Jesus Christ
to provide a reason in law for something, especially for committing the offense that is the subject of a criminal charges Validation.

A signal in your sentences or communication is the over use of the word ‘but’
Check out your communication and see if your recipe of sharing and caring for self and others is flavored with justifying. In other words do you over ‘salt’ your need to be heard? Or Have your side of issues or decision be the way you see it without the ‘blending’ of others opposing ideas and histories. Or Giving yourself and others time marinate.

Or When you write or talk do you take too long with your side of the story or comment? If you are that is usually’ layered’ with justification.

Simpler recipes feed a diversity of peoples and leave less to clean up

When we invest understanding in the human species and our evolution about words like justification, but, not, never, ever, should, could, miracle, cure, fix, prayer, good, bad,
pretty, ugly, truth, lie and other such (two-way language) these investigations may be the change that supports the possibility of seeking resources for the future and patience for today.

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