Healing on a Bed of Nails: Ancient Technology Redesigned
Discussion of the effects of acupressure and how it benefits you in combating the common problems of our times: stress, weight loss, insomnia, sciatia, illness, obesity, pain management, back pain, weight loss, cellulite

April 06th 2010 - Acupressure, a component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, uses the body’s own life force or chi for healing. Chi flows throughout the body. Health manifests when the flow is unobstructed. Illness occurs when the flow is impeded. Imbalances are corrected through application of pressure to specific points to release blockages.
A precursor to acupressure is thought to be the Indian Bed of Nails, used by India’s Yogis for centuries. Until recently, health benefits of this torturous-looking device were largely unknown to other cultures. Instead, the device was often used as a circus-trick or for a display of machismo as onlookers gawked, astonished as a man lay upon the nails, tough (as nails!) unperturbed by what was perceived as terrible pain.
Then, as sometimes happens, old met new. Re-engineered for today’s audience, ancient principles were combined with modern technology and The Acupressure Mat was born. Circular disks with sharp points directly contact bare skin for self-administered acupressure. The mat is said to help many health conditions, from insomnia to back pain to stress to weight loss. Rave reviews of the product’s ability to lessen pain, physical and emotional, abound on the internet. Modern-day Yogi’s are even practicing yoga on the mat!

Wow! What a difference a century or two makes!

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