Creating Positive Futures by Dissolving Karma Now
Dissolving Karma

January 01st 2009 - Creating Positive Futures by Dissolving Karma Now
Sarah McCroskey ©2008
Published in Open Exchange Magazine Jan-Mar. 2009

Karma is a term often misunderstood in New Age circles. Many hold karma to be a cycle of suffering or punishment that is somehow meted out for past misdeeds as a payback or a setting right principle. It is held as some sort of cosmic ‘settling of scores’ when in fact it is a self-generated pattern that can be – and at this point in our evolution, must be – dissolved through consciousness.

Deepak Chopra in an interview with Paul O’Donnell made a couple of interesting points about karma.

“There are two things that have been said about karma in the Eastern traditions. The first thing is, ‘Unfathomable is the mystery of karma.’ It's not just my karma. It's my karma, your karma, collective karma, the karma of our ancestors, the karmic debts that we pay. It can only be called a tangled hierarchy.

The second thing said about karma is that karma is the ultimate affirmation of free will and the person who is aware. So the past has determined my present and it has determined the situations and circumstances of my present. However, what I do in this moment is an exercise of free will. So karma sets up the situation, but not the choices you make about the situation.” (Emphasis added.)

Another point made by Dr. Chopra regarding karma is that it is a set way of seeing things that one brings into one’s life. So rather than being a rigid law of cause and effect, karma is based much more on an interpretation assigned individually. Rather than a ‘destiny’ or life sentence created by God or circumstance or some outside authority, karma is more a way we track what still remains incomplete in our personal psyche. It is ‘unfinished business’ that via sometimes infuriating repetition demands that our soul awaken and own the legacy of our agreements and beliefs.

Don’t get me wrong, karma that goes unexamined does have a certain ‘Energizer Bunny’ nature - “It just keeps going, and going, and going...” Yet by bringing conscious awareness to the process we can, once and for all, learn the lesson we designed for our self and put the repetitive pattern to rest.

Why Karma?
Karma acts as the ultimate ‘snooze alarm’ of human consciousness. Should our human tendency toward slumber begin to win out over conscious evolution, karma is sure to yank us back to a wakeful state – reminding us of something we set in motion a long time ago, and then temporarily forgot. In this way, karma only becomes ‘our destiny’ when we fail to awaken from our dopey dream state of unconscious creation.

A Way Out
In truth, we are all Unlimited Creator Beings. Not only did we set our own karmic path in motion on multiple levels of self, tribe, collective and cosmic evolution, but we also created the Earth game as a compelling, sometimes arduous interplay - the penultimate game of hide and seek. Hiding and seeking? How, from what? From consciousness itself and the true nature of reality. In fact, we are each an eternal aspect of the One, reflecting within and between ourselves a perpetual possibility for awakening to our divine creator nature.

When we design and create from a wakeful state (and now is always a good time for waking up) we can powerfully generate a ‘reality’ akin to a world that works for everyone, founded on the health and well being of a loving planet. Yes, from the realm of all possibility, we can manifest into dense reality - from wave to particle - by means of conscious application of what quantum physics terms ‘the observer affect’. This actual avenue of all creation can be put to full, creative use through conscious experience and interpretation. Based in love and exercising intent our ‘dream’ both individually and collectively can be bright – reverent stewardship of our Earth home, surfing change, and embracing creative diversity. Without consciousness - as witnessed throughout history and our own personal emotional patterning - ‘karma’ pans out before us as a painful re-hashing – as we ‘pay forward’ our reactive past.

So the choice is ours, as always in all ways. Do we snooze and lose – tumbling headlong into evolutionary oblivion to become “Humanity - the Cosmic footnote”? Or do we rally our free will and harness our unique and collective talents to an ambition worthy of any self-respecting species? - namely survival. But hey, as long as we’re creating it, why not make the mundane sacred, why not thrive rather than merely eek by? When we open heartedly embody and act on our most expansive vision we become unstoppable as we attune to the frequency and ‘reality’ of a New Earth.

Perhaps even this ‘karmic’ choice point is one we set in motion long ago... The alarm is ringing loudly now. Shall we awaken and change the dream?

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Published in Open Exchange Magazine Jan-Mar 2009 Issue