The Seven Principles of True Power
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January 21st 2012 - My Dear Zevon,

You have a lot of work ahead of you. Many will not understand you. There will be those who think you are out of your mind and they will seek to persecute you. It is useless to persuade people against their will and for this reason, I am cautioning you against preaching what you have learned. It is not for you to save their souls, but to help them discover and use their own inner power and light. For this purpose, I have given you a very old parchment which I received when the higher forces of the universe placed me in my position. It contains: The Seven Steps of True Power.

Read it when your heart is frail and have copies of it made into books for your people. Those with hearts that are ready to know will understand it and seek you out.

Help them to understand without interference and those who are ready we will bring to Garbon. It is the desire of the universe to heal your planet and you are a part of that plan.

Love and Light,

Zevon put the letter down next to him so he could read the parchment. No sooner had he laid it down, it began to brightly glow. Then it quickly disappeared before his very eyes.

Zevon smiled as he thought of Oman and the Land of Ohah. Magic was not dead and the heart is not a liar, he thought, as he broke open the seal that held the parchment.

The Seven Steps

Zevon slowly rolled open the old parchment. Excitement filled his heart as he wondered what it was to be about. He adjusted his position in the seat to get more comfortable and he began to read.

"To those who long to escape the shackles of their mind and learn the freedom of their hearts, We, the beings of light and love, offer to you these principles."

There was a space of about an inch on the parchment and then the writing continued.

"Power to most of you is an external and objective thing. In your future to come, however, power will be more subtle and far more subjective.

Fear is the motivation for power, as you have experienced it. The ego (mind), separated from the soul, fearing for its existence, ever strives to control and manipulate to its advantage. The ego does not realize that it has created this and it can just as easily create from love or faith.

Choice is at the heart of power. You have not chosen power, because you were born into an energy field that supports a belief in lack of power. The grand illusion of your lives is that you think you are powerless and alone, when in fact, you have all the power you need to create the life you want. You must decide that you deserve it and then claim it back.

The path of power is the heart. That which you love and dream to be is, in essence, your soul's desire for you. Follow it and you will release your soul, your true identity, and your power.

The universe is not run by haphazard rules that serve no purpose. It is not a joke or mistake that you forgot your power, because the heart of power requires that you realize one important key to your journey back to yourself. That key is that you must love to give your soul's love in service to humanity.

Power is not given by the universe to control and manipulate people. That power comes from men fearful of being taken advantage of by their fellow man. True power comes from deep inside the soul and serves to enlighten and heal all it touches. There is no need to manipulate or control, because ego fear is replaced by the love of your soul.

Truth is the expression of your soul's love on the earth plane. Therefore, truth is subjective and personal. Your truth is not another's truth. Therefore, your power may not manifest like another. Your purpose and the purpose of another is not the same.

You are coming to a time when individual self expression will take a turn for the better. As your people turn their ego's in for the power of their soul's direction. They will begin to reclaim their power and create their own life and realize it is ok to be themselves.

The heart of power is guided by seven principles of true power that define and monitor it's expression. Each without the other is useless,but together, they form a chain that balances the expression of power with it's source of inception."

The First Principle of True Power is Humility. Not pious self righteousness, but the awareness that something greater within is needed to be turned to from time to time to solve the problem's of life. A realization that basically we all are afraid and troubled and in need of help beyond our normal conscious awareness from time to time. The desire to serve the universe with our own special gifts, under the guidance of spiritual forces. The knowing that each person in our life reflects the beliefs we hold subconsciously within. They are the mirrors of our soul. We owe them our love and forgiveness.

The Second Principle of True Power is Commitment. Commitment to yourself. If you do not love and know yourself,you will never create your own reality. To love yourself is to love the soul that you are and express your life thru that soul. You must let go of the crutches in your life and surrender to the depths of your soul. We all have only one lover in our lives that is true, immortal and infinite; that is the soul.all other lovers are reflections of levels of growth to be attained and transcended. I am not saying you should not have lovers, but put them in true perspective and love your soul. It will love you back

The Third Principle of True Power is Sacrifice. Sacrifice the rational and intellectual mind for the knowledge of the soul. The soul see's without time. It knows without space. To sacrifice the mind to the soul is to be in step with the universe. We are all part of the universal mind. But the ego(mind) cannot sence that greatness-only the heart. The heart alone can only believe. When we place our mind or rational life into the hands of the heart, something wonderful happens. We stop struggling and when you do that, you see why you are where your at and can hear how to get out of your dilemma. Knowledge is power; but not rational knowledge,true power comes from your heart.

The Fourth Principle of True Power is Awareness. Awareness is the hearts ability to work with the universe and not against it. You may have a great idea and lot's of money, but without awareness of what the universe wants; fail miserably. Awareness comes from surrendering to the ultimate guidance of the heart.

The Fifth Principle of True Power is Honest Reflection. If your life is working then you are in sync with the universe. If your life is not working,then you are not in sync with the universe. Many people live lives less then satisfying, because they lie to themselves about their career, marital status, and lifestyle. Fear guides their lives and general distrust of themselves causes suffering because of a lack of willingness to take total responsibility for their lives. When you fear to know yourself,then all you create is illusions to live by. All illusions pass with time.

True power is knowing who you are and being who you are without judgement. It is a connection to your heart and soul that allow the higher purpose of your life to manifest in your life; thereby causing healing.

Healing is the right use of power. When you can live and forgive, then will you heal and your power will be restored in totality.

Until you love your life and open your hearts to forgive all that appears to have offended you. You will not know the peace, the power and the marvelous miracle of love that you are.

The Sixth Principle of True Power is Gratitude. To be grateful for all that happens in your life. Each situation is a reflection of the beliefs you carry within. Each crisis shows where you are using your power against yourself. Gratitude is the cure for self pity and the healing balm for depression.gratitude opens the heart.

The Seventh and Final Principle of True Power is Self Love. You are the creators of your lives and your future. It is up to you to love yourself where you are and to love your dreams into existence. We cannot force you to do that, but wait on the fringes of your reality to welcome you home.

Tears filled zevon's eye's as he read the last sentence. He was going home. He had his family back. But he also knew that their was another home that we all are seeking. That home is in our hearts.

To all those who read these words the universe says:

It is time to come home; please come home.

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