Some Spiritual Ideas
An explanation of Past life regression, soul families, synchronicity and channeling

July 23rd 2015 - Some Spiritual Ideas

In my Inbox: Could you provide me with an explanation of past life regression, soul families, synchronicities and channelling?
It's important or I wouldn't ask.


1.) Past life regression is the understanding that souls are eternal. We are given almost infinite lives during which we can learn from varied human experiences.

From a scientific standpoint, we know that matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed. The sum of all the matter and energy in the universe is constant, although they can change form . . Although it is clear that our bodies return to dust and ashes, the life force is the most powerful component of any living being, far more than the sum of the components of minerals and water which are almost identical from species to species.

A study was done in India two decades ago about reincarnation. India was chosen because many people there are Hindu, and explicitly believe in reincarnation. They would not automatically dismiss past life memories which their children might share as being due to imagination ,as is likely to happen in other cultures .

In this study of thousands of children, many past life stories could be verified. For instance, one little girl told her parents that she had previously been a beautiful woman (she remembered her name)who liked to wear a red dress and had died in a car crash. The name of the previous home village was mentioned. It was verified as a place hundreds of miles away with which the family had no connections, and all details which the small girl gave were verified.

In another instance a child said he had lived a very long time ago in another village, and described it, with a focus on where to find the village well, which was the centre of village life. The child was taken to the village he named, and was very puzzled when the well was not where he thought it should be. But the oldest man in the village verified that his grandfather had told him there used to be a well at that spot.

Many young children in all cultures routinely speak about their past lives .However , parents in most settings dismiss this as imagination. By the age of 7-which is in the Catholic Church called the age of reason when” imagination” is no longer so strong-almost all have forgotten all they once knew when they came ‘trailing clouds of glory” as William Blake expressed it .

What is the function of finding out about one’s past lives? Well, there are invariably themes which the soul chooses to explore. No two souls pick exactly the same themes.
Certainly love is a central theme for virtually everyone. That is, there are many different ways of expressing love, parent –child, siblings, friends.

Of approximately equal importance is life task. Each soul brings a unique gift to the world.

One soul may incarnate over and over as some sort of artist, even when limited expression is allowed with their culture. For example, many women in cultures in which they had few creative outlets took up quilting or various forms of needlework and sewing .The Innuit who had almost no possessions still had beaded moccasins and made sandstone carvings .

A person whose life task was to be a storyteller might tell tales orally in one culture, be a writer in a second, and in a third might aspire to teach young adults literature at a university.

A healer might become a neurosurgeon in contemporary North America, a shaman in South America, or an herbalist in China.

Every expression of self is moderated by the gender which the soul has chosen or accepted for a lifetime, the social status of the family, and the cultural norms. Some situations are far more challenging than others, but all lives allow for opportunities to love, to learn, and to contribute to the community.

There is one belief system which states that here are 7 levels of spiritual growth, with seven steps at each level. This would imply at least 49 lives are required, but adherents of this system believe an absolute minimum of 100 lives would be necessary to learn the basics of the potential ways of being human.

In the Buddhist system a person who has actually gone through all the steps becomes a Boddhisatva who does not have to reincarnate. Ironically boddhisatvas ,because of their spiritual nature, always choose to come back to help those who are still struggling .

A past life regression means just that…a person is regressed during trance first to childhood, then earlier in childhood, then to two previous lives which related to their current issues .The person’s own subconscious mind chooses the most relevant lives out of all the possibilities .

Virtually everyone can be successful regressed (exceptions are extremely young children or the severely mentally challenged.)

The purpose of such an experience is healing.

One person found that her fear of drowning was related to a previous passing as a sailor who was washed overboard during a storm. Another overcame her fear of highway driving when she re-lived a life in which she had been a stagecoach driver in England who was killed by a highwayman .Phobias are very often rooted in past life trauma, and so the trauma can be quickly cleared up when it is understood that it does not relate to this life. The therapist directs the person to do any forgiveness work and healing which needs to be done.

2.) Soul families

People belong to soul families of approximately 45-60 souls. That is to say, they keep reincarnating over and over and finding the same people to have relationships with. This is why love at first sight is possible, and in fact happens to most people .

But relationships are not the same from life to life. Souls fill different roles-parent-child(which is often later reversed), friend, siblings, lovers, spouses. It is all about finding different ways to love .When one feels an attraction strong enough to lead to marriage, for example, it does not mean that person was ever one’s lover before. Just that there was some sort of connection.
Karmic connection is caused by
-any kind of family relationship
-dying together
-any kind of love
-one causing the death of the other(this may be a partial explanation of why there are so many relationships which involve spousal abuse.)

Most people cannot differentiate at all between the types of karmic attraction which may have brought them together. So if a person loves someone who used to be their parent, it may (or may not) lead to a successful marriage.

When I was teaching kindergarten a little girl of 4 ran up to me one day and said ”Mrs. Nightingale, I have something, to tell you. Before when I was big and my daddy was little, my daddy was my baby and he was in my tummy.” She just needed to be heard-she then ran off to play!

Another little girl said, “Can you help me with my buttons? Before when I was huge I used to know how to do that, but now my little fingers don’t remember how.” Her parents are convinced that she is the return of her own great- grandmother because they share so many personality traits.

My grand-daughter told her mom,” You used to be my little girl and I was your mommy.”

3.) Synchronicities

Quantum physics has taught us that everything in the universe is connected, and that particles will influence each other even at astronomical distances. When things are synchronous, they occur together at the same with no causal effect being implied.

Those who believe in a beneficent universe feel that everything happens for a reason, and that we all get what we want and need if we have the right attitude.

12 years ago I decided that I had two main requirements for a home…one was a front room with a fireplace and a powder room next to that. Secondly, a huge back yard so I could be an urban farmer (bees and chickens) even though I live in a big city with (usually) very small lots.

The home I wanted appeared in the local paper the very next day. It was empty, and immediately available .

Synchronicities may sometimes be caused by an energy connection between people. Many have had the experience of thinking of a friend or relative they have not seen in years, only to have that person call them up the same day.

4.) Channeling

J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of wildly successful children’s books, was a struggling writer and single mom riding the London underground. According to her account, the entire series of 9 books was downloaded into her brain in one moment. Then she had to go home and write it all down, presumably over a period of years.

Handel’s Messiah was completed in approximately 19 days of trance; Handel hardly ate or slept while he put his inspiration down on paper.
Channeling can be artistic, scientific, or spiritual. It involves tapping into the Field of All That Is.
Of course, one may spend years beforehand in preparation, but when the soul is ready to create the Theory of Relativity or the Mona Lisa or Hamlet, or to discover uranium, the person becomes a co-creator of reality, and whatever needs to come through that particular vessel, comes through.

Everyone can channel; it means creating, sometimes in a trance like state, whatever one has to give to the world .

Christine Nightingale, B.A., (psychology), Certified Hypnotist, Spirit Baby Channeler. I have helped over 300 couples communicate with the Spirit Baby who has chosen them. Communication can occur before conception, during the pregnancy and even with the newborn.

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