Unclutter Your Potential

January 02nd 2017 - Unclutter your Potential with the Ancient Art of Feng Shui by Jana Schneider

The ancient art of feng shui assists in creating harmony and balance in your environment. By adjusting nature’s energy which flows through your home and office, you can promote greater well being, increase health, wealth, and open up the potential opportunities in your life! The first step to a more joyful existence begins with de-cluttering your space.

Clearing clutter allows vital energy into your life. Clutter is stagnant energy. Clearing clutter releases energy that may keep you feeling tired.

Clear your desk. Mountains of paperwork will have you feeling defeated prior to starting. A clear desk means a clear mind, better productivity, creative and job satisfaction.

Surround yourself with things you love. Hanging onto things “just in case” will hold you back from getting things you want.

Clearing the junk drawer helps you let go of things that no longer serve you.

Clearing clutter prior to making Feng Shui adjustments ensures proper implementation. Otherwise, you may increase problems rather than decrease them.

FIX IT! If something is broken it must be repaired or thrown out. Energy levels decrease when things that are not working properly surround you.

Clear out your wardrobe. Buy only things that you love. When you look good, you feel good and your life will work better.

Clear the clutter from corridors, behind doors and underneath of beds. Your life will proceed more smoothly when energy flows unobstructed through your space. Stay clear!

Do all the jobs you have been putting off that weigh heavily in the back of your mind.

These chores do not have to be done all at once. If you tend to go into overwhelm, then just imagine how numb you’ve become to the chaos the clutter is creating for you!

It’s easy, and you are so worth the commitment. Choose one corner, one closet or one room to tackle during a set time, ie: give yourself one hour each day, or each week to complete one closet.

Hint: If you haven’t worn it in over 2 yrs, share it with someone in need. Styles change and so does your size. If you ever get back to that size – you can treat yourself and buy something new to replace it!!

Once your space is clear of clutter, you can begin the feng shui journey and learn what different corners in each room represent. Then, you can prioritize which life aspects you want to work on first! Or, call a professional consultant to assist you!

Many Blessings!
Om Benza Satto Hung – Good Luck!


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