FAT is an ACID problem... Get off your fat acid and go to HEALTH
It is not that we are obese, it is that we are simply over-acidic. Fat is truly an issue of too much tissue acid waste, insufficient alkalinity and improper hydration. Embrace your body's intelligence! The ability to store acid toxicity in the fat and tissue is the best preservation mechanism we have. Learn how introducing alkalinity and proper hydration will enhance your energy and the ability to lose weight effortlessly.

November 22nd 2010 - Weight gain and obesity is merely the body's preservation mechanism for saving your vital organs from toxicity leading to death. When the body is continually flooded with acid producing foods such as processed foods, too much fruit, cooked foods, dairy and animal products, artificial and sugared beverages, it can not possibly expel the waste products efficiently. Our intelligent biological system innately stores toxic acidic waste in the fat cells.

When we introduce a high alkaline, increased hydration with greens and pH alkalizing as well as a living food lifestyle, we give the body the necessary tools to flush out all the rivers, oceans and streams of acidity, ending congestion. Eventually this high electron rich, alkaline fluid will saturate the tissues, detoxing and creating a heightened level of energy with in the body. Weight loss becomes effortless.

Choosing a good alkaline program is essential for efficient quick results. For understanding more about the benefits of balancing the pH of the blood and tissue log onto www.jerireid.com or call Jeri Reid at 860.463.5109.

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Jeri Reid, Dr. Robert O. Young:The pH Miracle, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine