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Accessing Harmony: Seeking that Elusive Synchronicity
Have you ever experienced a truly synchronous moment in time? A place where the flow of energy was perfect, full of unexpected surprises and nothing could go wrong?

August 02nd 2011 - It’s almost perfection when we access that place where our lives are in sync on every level. Most of us know these moments rarely and some never access that special place at all. Those moments are almost always memorable because when we enter that special “zone” everything is a breeze, in contrast to when we leave it and life becomes a steep, uphill climb.

Why does the zone of synchronicity elude us so?

As each of us search to find our place or purpose in this world, we are also trying to find a place of harmony that we seldom have experienced in our lives. We have so much knowledge available to us through many resources, so we continue each day to search and learn. The silent message in this learning process is that the result of our endeavors to become enlightened will permit our entrance into a world with our existence flowing in harmony and balance.

We each search for our true life path. We simply yearn for everything to magically click into place. Our path is sometimes difficult to locate. It is so easy to become distracted in the physical world. Daily living can make it difficult to access the natural flow of anything, especially universal energies.

So to counteract this tendency, we should try to set aside time for meditation and reflection to help ourselves remain in balance. Sometimes it can be frustrating even for me when life’s lessons and situations seem to thwart those efforts. During our frustration it can seem like we are climbing slowly up a tall mountain wondering why everything must be so hard. We can even miss the fact that part of the lesson in life is to learn to let go and allow our life energy to “be” rather than try to make it “become” anything.

So how do we find that “magical” place?

We must first learn to let go of the hurried lives we’ve been living, release our negative energies and vibrate to the frequency of love and acceptance. Many of the priorities we often make in our life are really illusions based on worry and fear. We must evaluate the things in our lives that restrict the natural flow of energy and create positive changes where necessary.

As we become aware of the energy in our lives, we can notice when things flow more naturally than at other times when it is not and we are forcing a reality that is not truly in our highest good. Identifying this pattern can make it easier to stay on the path that will lead us to harmony. We must also trust ourselves to hear what our inner guidance it telling us. If we do not follow our own intuition, we cannot succeed very well in our search. Inner conflict can cause us to become lost in the often chaotic physical world.

Each of us is a spiritual being who originated from universal source comprised of pure, unconditional love. As we learn to express this spiritual energy within ourselves, we become better able to touch that magical place of free-flowing manifestation. If we are bound by the heavy energies of fear, judgment and anger, we cannot access this flow. We spend our lives in one way or another trying to clear this energy or weight from ourselves. We must learn to clear them, layer by layer, and live a life of non-resistance and acceptance. As we do this, we can put forward our spiritual intent of remaining in this special “zone” of synchronicity.

Will the quest ever be satisfied?

Of course it will, for each of us in the perfect time. Our quest for a harmonious existence is not a new concept for any of us. As human beings on the earth, we have been accessing this “zone” for centuries. As we continue to evolve our existences on this planet, we come closer and closer to a reality as individuals and collectively that allows for a more free-flowing energy to carry us through our lifetime.

We’ve learned that the key to true enlightenment is our heart, and as we clear our fears and open this center of our divine selves, we learn to life in more unconditional love and non-judgment.

The circumstances of our lives are a direct mirror of the energy we are putting into this world. We can empower ourselves to learn more by truthfully looking at our lives and to realize that everything in it is a reflection of what we are transmitting. If we put out love, we create more love. If we put out fear, we create more fear.

We must see ourselves as the conscious creators of our existence so that we can know that each of us has the power to access the natural flow of universal energy. We do not have to struggle to manipulate the energy, rather than allowing it to work in harmony through us. It is a choice we all make each and every day.

Opportunities for manifestation that were previously blocked can open and become a reality. We can truly have our heart’s desire. Our human question can at last be satisfied by using the tools we have to access that magical, existence of harmony, balance and synchronicity.

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