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Jeri Reid, Biological Terrain Educational Microscopy

Alkaline Health and Wellness


CT/Northeast United States
T: 860.463.5109


Jeri Reid is a progressive Health and Wellness Educator, a Biological Terrain Educational Microscopist, presenting Educational Live and Dry Blood Cell Microscopy. During a BTEM session clients learn how to gain optimal health based on how the fluids of the body are organized or disorganized. Jeri’s extensive studies in the science of Acid/Base physiology, her many microscopy classes and workshops with her 25 years of interest and experiences in wholistic health are of great value in educating you about finding your direct path to better health. Jeri Reid has a proven track record having many testimonials of clients of diverse backgrounds, from helping people who have had prognosis as serious as death to refining the athlete’s capabilities. (see link below for more information)

If you are sick and tired or are looking for cultivation of better health ... Understanding the dynamics of the blood and how you may improve its quality is a powerful and effective approach for obtaining excellent health.

The state of health of any person is determined by the quality of the internal environment which is a direct result of lifestyle choices. In order to have a healthy mind, body, spirit, it is imperative to transform lifestyle choices. Jeri helps you recognize and revitalize your pathways easily. What you eat, how you think and how you live will directly impact the quality of your internal environment. If your blood is healthy, chances are the whole body may be free of dis-ease!

Depression is a state of low energy and aversion to activity that may have a negative effect on a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings, world view and physical well-being. Low energy, sickness, dis-ease, whether physical or psychological often results from congestion of the physical body.

Depression resulting from the state of congestion from the brain to the bowels are often due to lifestyle choices… we do congestion, depression, sickness and dis-ease,,... it is not something that just happens to us! Acquiring the knowledge for better health is a process one must adapt to to have resolve. Most people unknowingly contribute to their own sickness and dis-ease.

If a person chooses to learn the knowledge of how to gain good health and adapts to a conscious mindful lifestyle, the rivers oceans and streams of the body become alive with energy, vitality and create enlightenment with overall wellness. The physiology works with the psychology and visa versa. Change one and the other will follow with improvement!

HOW DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS WORLD? Every choice we make today will determine the outcome for the end of our lives... Would you prefer to die telling a joke, or having someone change your diaper?

You can live and die happy and in good health, you can learn how to effortlessly maintain energy, vitality for longevity today!

Jeri travels the US with her microscope presenting at private homes, conferences, businesses, holistic wellness centers and where ever the wind blows her.

Call Today! 860.463.5109 or email jerireid@hotmail.com

Alkaphile-an organism that grows best at (high) pH values or levels. They have the ability to maintain their internal pH levels and carry out ATP synthesis.

Profile and Credentials        

*Over 25 Years of study and interest in eastern and western healing modalities and basic philosophical methodologies, Study of Disease patterns and cause, Study of Cellular organization/disorganization, Study of Internal Environmental Processes of Life and Death, Special Study of Cellular Nutritional Health. Study of Vital Organ Health, Study of the BLOOD and its anatomical chemical constitution.
*11th Year of Study of Acid/Base physiology
*11th Year Biological Terrain Microscopy

~Biological Terrain Microscopist

(Trained By Dr. Robert O. Young, pH Miracle Living Center, Steve Denk, BioMedx, Hilbert Seeger, Australia)

~Internal Environmentalist

~Founder "AlkapHile pH-IX"

~Progressive Wellness Lifestyle Coach/Educator

~Director "Heal Thyself Educational Foundation"

Philosophy and Comments        

Sustaining the integrity of healthy cellular regeneration is the key to overall wellness. The body will not maintain life if life maintenance is not present. The affects of acid producing food, stress and poor lifestyle choices does lead to the degeneration of the body. Western medicine calls this disease, affectionately called dis-ease. Only health builds health. Your body is like your car, it needs maintenance to keep it running smoothly.
Learn today how not to "DO" dis-ease.

“There is only one true dis-ease and that is the over-acidification of the body do to an inverted way of eating, thinking and living.” Dr. Robert Young the Author of "The PH Miracle"

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Alkaline Health... If the fish is sick, don't treat the fish, change the water...Robert O Young

By appointment only, Call today! Jeri 860.463.5109


"Every so often you come across a person that has mastered their craft. It's quite amazing to see especially when it's in the service of others. Those people you cherish and keep as a part of your network because they bring value to your life and the lives of others. Jeri Reid is one of those people."" JH Newington, CT

From the moment I stepped into Jeri Reid's office, I felt such a sense ofcaring. Jeri's true concern for a person's health and well being are evident and felt immediately upon talking with her. She takes the time to listen and address every question that you have. Her expertise and knowledge of how our bodies function and her desire to help you to get to your optimal health, is evident in her commitment to you for months tocome long after your office visit. Jeri makes herself available. My personal experience has been, that Jeri will go above and beyond to help you gain knowledge to maintain and put into practice a healthy lifestyle. Jeri has changed my life and I am grateful!!
Coventry, CT

Hello Jeri,
I feel so free, for the first time in my life I have never felt this alive. I am off 14 medications and my mind is regaining its memory. My new knee has absolutely healed with no pain meds and no inflammation. I am totally out of congested heart failure and loving my new doctors for respecting my wishes. I have to admit that I have not been 100% faithful to the food suggestions, but I am clear about the fluid intake and have maintained that. Thank you so very much for all your patience and I do appreciate your honesty. I just could not imagine where I would be today if I hadn't had you to coach me through this all. At 79 years old I have started a new life! BH Suffield(2011)

To start, let me be very clear on this important point; Jeri saved my life. I had a MRSA infection that became resistant to every antibiotic the doctors threw at it. After 8 straight months of these toxic antibiotics, the doctors gave up. I seemed to be a lost cause in the eyes of western medicine. It was either find a cure myself or live in pain. And if the MRSA spread into my blood stream, death was likely. I became extremely proactive for my own wellbeing. After tons of research and failed “natural” remedies I came across the theories of alkaline/acid. Researching alkalinity further brought me to Jeri Reid and the science of “Blood Terrain Microscopy.” After a session with her I found my blood to be riddled with yeast and bacteria. Immediately I was put on a 4 month cleanse to change the acidic environment my body had become from eating a standard American diet and living a standard American lifestyle. Within 2 months the MRSA was completely gone! My doctor was shocked! By eating right and following some basic lifestyle changes, I did what western medicine failed to do, rid myself of MRSA! I am now over 5 months into living alkaline and feeling better everyday. I honestly feel like my eyes have been opened to the real meaning of health. Jeri Reid is truly a healer. She was there for me every step of the way. I can’t thank her enough… Sincerely,AD Colchester(2010)

Dear Jeri, My family is very appreciative for your help with getting Bob back to health. His colon cancer, ulcerated colon etc is completely gone and he feels great. He is pretty much back to normal! We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts because without you, we may not have him here with us today. I share your information with everyone I meet. Much love to you, Paula, kids and of course, BA Norwalk, CT(2005)

Hi Jeri, Just dropping a note to let you know, I feel great! I have lost those 15 extra pounds and my skin has totally cleared up. Many thanks for the ongoing support. XOXO SG Somers (2007)

Workshops: The Key to Sustainable Energy        

Understanding the benefits of Acid/Alkaline Health:

Public/Corporate workshops and private presentations.


*Employee Productivity/Performance

*Reduced Medical Absences

*Healthier mental/emotional states

*Improve employee morale

*Create harmony in the work place

Effective employees are worth their weight in gold

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!"

Don't wait until it is too late... Your health is your choice! Call today! 860.463.5109

Proper nutrition, hydration & elimination        

Is your body honking or humming? Education with the focus of an alkaline lifestyle, proper direction to take control... acid/base understanding is powerful knowledge for achieving better health.

A self evident program which is totally non-invasive!
Give the body what it needs to maintain life and it will take care of itself.

Educating about professionally diagnosis in all acute and chronic dis-ease, cell transmutations/transformations related to cancers, i.e. neurological issues, pain management, weight loss, weight gain, emotional and mental challenges, yeast conditions: eczema to bowel disorders, all ailments related to digestive dis-orders and elimination dis-orders, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Gerd, gout, cellulitis, all vital organ issues, thyroid, pancreas, liver, kidney, gall bladder etc..., the total blood system as it relates to sustaining life.
Optimal health is directly related to how well we maintain & support the pH balance of the blood and tissue.

The DISCLAIMER...        

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It is made known with clear understanding that Jeri Reid is not a medical doctor, or any part of an organized medical system. Jeri Reid is an educator and it is your responsibility to research any and all information presented and come to your own conclusions. This and all information published or made available through Jeri Reid and all links to this web site are not intended to replace the services of a physician, or medical professional nor does it constitute a medical profession-patient relationship. Information on this and all affiliate sites is provided for informational & educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Using this information any way you choose is your constitutional right, your health is your choice. The information available is not intended for diagnosing or treating a medical or health condition unless you perceive that and again, it is your free will. You may want to consult an open minded well-informed physician in all matters relating to your health, and particularly in respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. Any action on your part in response to the information provided by Jeri Reid or on the web sites are at the reader's discretion. Readers should consult their own progressive, well-informed, open-minded healthy physician relative to any questions you may have regarding your health care. Jeri Reid and her affiliates makes no representations or warranties with respect to any information offered or provided on or through the web sites regarding treatment, action, or application of medication. Jeri Reid is not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of this web site and/or any web site(s) linked to/from it. DA DAAA...

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