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Caroline Calisto



Albuquerque, NM 87111
United States
T: 505-332-9344




Caroline L. Calisto


A session of Angelic Healing can guarantee only one thing... CHANGE! The Angels will clear out endless mind chatter and stress, relax your muscles,clarify the thought process. It is a through spring cleaning of your body and mind. It can help one to determine life purpose, and facilitate a return to child-like joy and innocence. This healing works on all levels, emotional, mental,physical and spiritual. A session is very comforting and loving, taking you to a profound place of bliss.

Profile and Credentials        

Minister, Reiki Master and Teacher of Energy work. Have been working with healing energies for 5 + years, and Angelic Beings for 2 years.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work in partnership with Crystals and Minerals, Flower essences, Essential Oils, Music and Sound. Optimal blending of modalities for a beautiful experience.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

All work is by appointment. No one is turned away due to lack of funds. I work at a number of places in Albuquerque and long distance.





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