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Arne Rantzén - For A Better Life!


Why Choose A Better Life?
Since you are here you are interested in Self-Discovery and wonder if Unlimited Healing can do it.
The First Step is to feel good.
The Safe Touch of Unlimited Body is very effective and provides quick and easy healing.
Relieve Your Pain. Pain is the result of physical or mental tension which manifests as muscle spasm and immobility.
Release Your Traumas. The imprint of a physical or emotional trauma causes you to have restrictions.
Speed Your Recovery. Unlimited Body assists your healing power to flow easier to speed up your recovery from an accident, operation or illness. Relax Your Stress. Stress comes from forcing yourself to do what you don?t like to do.
Rejuvenate Your Body. You can restore your original posture and have your body function optimally.
The Second Step is reathing more. Breathing connects you with your spirit and makes you feel good.
Unlimited Breath is a profound breathing technique that has been perfected over several decades and has helped thousands of people improve the quality of their lives.
This is the easy and gentle way to changes your life. Natural Breathing connects you with the wealth you deserve, the relationship of your dreams, the career you desire, and live a healthy life.
Over 70% of the body?s toxins are released through the breath; cleansing body, mind and spirit.
Your cells are fueled and optimized by breathing in oxygen. Your knowing and acceptance of yourself comes from breathing in your spirit.
Give yourself the gift of reclaiming who you really are.
Live a conscious and happy life!

Profile and Credentials        

Arne Rantzen's loving presence has helped thousands of people around the world to a healthier life.
Arne began his healing career working extensively with Western medicine. Dissatisfied with the temporary results of symptomatic healing and the intrusive nature led him to study with the most prominent healers in the Contemporary Healing Arts. He studied Aston Patterning, Craniosacral Therapy, and Reiki. He became a teacher of Reflexology, Rebirthing, the International Seminar Leadership Program directed by Bob and Mallie Mandel, Body Harmony, trained by Dr. Don McFarland, and the Loving Relationships Training under the guidance of Sondra Ray. He also studied the Course in Miracles, as well as a deep engagement with the Tibetan Buddhist approach. His passion for the human potential and knack for helping people inspired Arne to create ?Unlimited Healing?, which he explains in his two workbooks. Today, Arne is committed to creating a healthy, happy, and inspirational world, through offering private sessions and workshops.

Philosophy and Comments        

Arne's Healing Journey is based on Tibetan Buddhism and 20 years studying and teaching holistic healing: Course in Miracles, Loving Relationships Training, Rebirthing, Body Harmony, Cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Aston-patterning and International Seminar Leadership Program. Arne has created the Creative Questions, Unlimited Body and Unlimited Breath from the combined experience of all learning and the support of Infinite Inspiration. Books currently availble are Unlimited Body Workbook and Unlimited Breath Workbook. The remarkable "Question Cards" is an outstanding inspiration to creating your ideal life. Soon to be published "The Unlimited Healing Guide".

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

You can contact Unlimited Network to register for a workshop or to make an appointment for a session in person or a phone consultation. Weekend workshop prices: $395. Private sessions lasts around an hour: $135. Phone Consulatations lasts an hour: $135. For more infromation about these modalities go to www.UnlimitedNetwork.com, email Arne@UnlimitedNetwork.com or call (443) 223-0877.

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