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Atmara Rebecca Cloe



284 W. Hersey St, #10
Ashland, OR 97520
United States
T: 541-488-9494


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New World Creations


New World Creations hosts the visionary, digital art of Atmara Rebecca Cloe. The gallery includes over 150 images, available as archival prints, posters, gifts and cards. Subject matter includes angels, dolphins, mandalas, goddesses, landscapes, abstracts, feng shui, crystals and more. Licensing is available, as are commissions. Spirit Portraits are a specialty. Online wholesale catalog also available.

Profile and Credentials        

Atmara Rebecca Cloe began her work as a digital artist in the spring of 1996 when she purchased her first computer and began New World Creations, her digital art business. She is primarily self taught. "I took a few art classes in collage, but never had a lot of success with traditional media. I had to wait for computer technology to be where it is now to find a medium where I could truly express my talents. (And in the meantime I was busy expressing my creativity as a music teacher, but that's another story.)." Most of her images are created in a combination of 3D (Bryce and Poser) and 2D (Photoshop) imaging programs. All of Atmara's work is available for licensing. New commissions are always welcome.

Philosophy and Comments        

My inspiration comes from lots of sources, and ultimately from the Universe, the "all that is" that we are all a part of. Sometimes I see something someone else has done and take the kernel of the idea and let it change and grow in whatever way it wants to. Sometimes I have a vague idea of an image I'd like to create, and I go from there and let it grow. Generally, I feel that there is an energy, another dimensional "beingness", if you will, that wants to be express through me and be given a form in this dimension. Sometimes it guides me very specifically as to what form to create and other times it just develops
organically over time. At its best my work is a wonderful form of channeling and I feel so honored to be able to do it.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Online 24/7 at http://nwcreations.com





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