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Carmela Cattuti



160 Beacon St
Boston, MA 02116
United States
T: (617) 970-5320


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Carmela Cattuti


Artist’s Statement My paintings are about what is underneath the cityscape, landscape, and still life. I explore the subterranean world by representing what sits on top. My work questions what holds objects in place; what stabilizes form. Even the most watery of landscape, such as Venice, Italy, is held in form by energy. In my paintings I explore the substance behind the form and how it directs movement. Through the purposeful application of paint movement can be uncovered. Over the past twenty years I have explored the use of color and its affect on the body and mind. I have found that mixing and applying color on a canvas permanently alters one’s perceptions of the world. I bring a blend of curiosity and movement to my canvases. Vitality can be created by the action of applying paint. Cities inspire me, particularly Boston, Venice, Florence and Paris. The Renaissance painters have had a dynamic influence on my work. Their curiosity, adventurousness, unique perspective, and spirituality are revealed in their paintings in a way that is palpable on the surface. I am a practitioner and teacher of yoga. Through a daily practice of movement I am able to access what lies under the surface of places and objects. This awareness is what I capture on canvas. I also do this for clients who commission works for their home or business. I also explore the theme of footwear through time. Shoes represent how we walk through life and our feet help us move forward. They record our life experiences. I also examine the feminine through objects that are closely related to the concept of femininity. I am also interested in putting inanimate objects in cityscapes such as vintage shoes to make it part of the flow of the buildings and streets. I work in oils and pastels and use a glossy medium. At times I use oils on decorative paper to represent a certain element or mood. The Venice paintings are an example of the use of paper and oil. I use a palette knife and small beads to create texture. My vintage shoes are an example of this technique.

Profile and Credentials        

Formal and Continuing Education 1999-present Museum of Fine Arts, Boston-Painting and Drawing Intensive with Carmella Yager 1988 Oil Painting Studio Intensive with Phil Press 1987 Kaji Aso Studio-oil painting and still life drawing 1985 Oil Painting and life drawing with Ellen Stutman 1980 Boston College

Philosophy and Comments        

Bio Carmela Cattuti received her art education by working with individual artists and travelling extensively in western Europe. She has worked with Carmella Yager at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston for the past four years. Carmela began painting in 1980 and has had numerous solo and group exhibits. Her painting Winter in Boston was chosen for the Arts Around Boston Exhibit at the Charlestown Navy Yard. She has work in Palmer & Dodge collection and has created commissions for numerous homes throughout the Boston area. Carmela received her BA in European History from City College New York where she graduated sume cum laude and her MA from Boston College in English Literature. She is an established yoga instructor and avid yoga practitioner. She completed the first novel entitled The Figure Eight in 1987.

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