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Cindy Westen



Escondido, CA 92025-7917
United States
T: 760-533-4603




Cindy Westen


Cindy has an incredible ability to heal animals. Her special gift in both communication and energy work, help release pain and emotional issues from the animal leaving them with peace and understanding. Cindy splits her time between her radio program called Cindy’s Pet Talk, taking private appointment sessions, teaching others and writing a book about all the interesting and wonderful things animals have had to share with her.

Profile and Credentials        

Cindy Westen is an animal communicator and intuitive healer with an established track record. Her services have been used by people all over the world including conventional and holistic vets to help animals feel and behave better.

Philosophy and Comments        

“My desire is to help people touch the hearts of their pets by having conversations with them. You get to hear what they have to say and they get to hear what you want to tell or ask them. For departed animals, my goal is to relieve the pain and grief by connecting your pets to their family once again.”

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Each one-hour animal communication session is $55/hour if paid by check/cash (includes a $5 cash discount). If you wish to charge the session, the cost is $60. If the animal is alive (not departed), the session includes intuitive healing.

I work off of a photograph (emailed or mailed) and a list of information or questions from you to them. If you don’t have a photo, we can still do a session so don’t worry. After my session with your pet; I can fax, email or mail a copy of the transcript/session to you.

Inquire if you are interested in taking a class to learn this yourself!





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