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Matt DiLorenzo



Westford, MA 01886
United States
T: (978) 692-3215




Coherent Healing


Medical Intuitive with 16+ years worldwide experience offers guaranteed pain removal over the phone. You will feel the difference!

Profile and Credentials        

As a Medical Intuitive, Matt can see the energy pattern that surrounds your body. If there is a serious disease or severe pain, this usually leaves a disturbance on the energy field. I will share with you what I see and what I think it means with respect to your health, and will tell you what others with similar problems have done to find relief. In addition, Matt is also a distance healer and can actually work on your energy field to effect changes that will have a perceivable effect on your body. This is also known as remote, psychic, vibrational or pranic healing. Most people can feel the positive effect of my work during the session. In addition, he can remove severe pain. Pain removal is guaranteed. If the pain isn't reduced by at least 50% during the course of the session he offers a 100% money back guarantee. Matt has a deep understanding of the mind-body interconnection gained both from study and intense personal exploration and will share his knowledge with you. He holds an advanced degree in engineering and used his knowledge of science to discover abilities that seem to defy science. He has almost completed an MS in Counseling and has been studying the scientific basis for so-called psychic ablities for over 30 years. For 16 of those years he has been sharing his discoveries and gifts with those in pain.

Philosophy and Comments        

In Coherent Healing there are no beliefs, no theories. Everything I offer, everything I recommend, I have tried personally and know that it works. To those in pain, whether physical or emotional I promise real hope, real solutions that I know work.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Because it is easier for me to read your energy pattern at a distance, I work only over the phone. Call 8 to 5 EST for an appointment, or send an email.





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