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M - Note Productions



1509 Farrington Way Apt C
Columbia, SC 29210
United States
T: 803-730-3583
F: 803-233-3331


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M-Note Productions


"I write, arrange, sing and produce songs of all genres and guarantee nothing but HITS!! THEY CAN'T TOUCH ME!!"

While specializing in R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop and Gospel, M-Note Productions sets no boundaries on the type of vision that is preferred to be created. BRING IT ON!!

Profile and Credentials        

Studying different styles of music at a young age, producer George "Markkie" Harrison Jr, brings his own definition to music.

At the age of 15, he studied piano, vocal harmony and vocal control as the assistant to the Director of the OU Gospel Concert Choir. At the age of 16, Markkie was forced to leave home, with nothing but clothes on his back and a dream. The journey to fulfill his dream of being a Producer/Singer/Songwriter began. He finished high school in South Carolina. Six Months after graduation, Markkie enlisted in the United Stated Army as a 95B (Military Policeman). While in the military, he made friends with locals and quickly molded to the who's-who in the local music community. At 21 he landed a brief internship at WFXE Columbus, GA with DJ Al Irvin on his Saturday Night Mix Tape. This opened doors for a local television show with two friends called "Hot Spot" on a local NBC affiliate, which is where he received his first mixing credits.

After the military, Markkie returned to South Carolina and still with music in mind. He got a job at a good paying engineering company but, the job brought no fulfillment to his creative side. So, he became the host of a traveling trademarked karaoke show called "Afro-oke". While hosting "Afro-oke" he met many interesting artists and singers. There were also surprise celebrity guest appearances. "Juvenile" and "Prophet Jones" to name a few.

One day Markkie was approached by a guy (from a local trio) asking him to become the forth member to a group called "Diamondz In Da Ruff" (which was shortened to "Diamondz") and he later accepted.

While with Diamondz, Markkie traveled from New York to Florida opening for industry greats like "Anthony Hamilton", "Mario Winans", "The Nappy Roots", "Angie Stone" and "Lattimore" . Unfortunately, while talented, some of the group members were not strong enough to cope with the many pressures of the music industry. They slowly fell apart but, Markkie continues to persevere.

Philosophy and Comments        

Available for Production, Publishing and Distribution agreements.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        


Check out my track "Pick of the Week"!!




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