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Anna Parmelee



807 Rue Royal
New Orleans, LA 70116
United States
T: 504-525-2055
F: 504-525-2099


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Erzulie's Authentic Voodoo Spells, Love Spells & Accurate Psychic Readings


Authentic Love Spells, Voodoo Spells, Voodoo Dolls and Accurate Psychic Readings! Precious perfume oils, exquisite elixirs, rare pure essential oils, goats milk soaps, handmade soaps, magical Voodoo dolls and fetishes, healing herbal baths, handpoured altar candles, perfume anointing oils, aromatherapy candles, ritualized bath salts, healing oils, homeopathy, Palo, Santeria, Ancient Egyptian magic, Witchcraft magic, Hindu magic and many more handcrafted magical wares.

Spiritual Consultations, Cleansings, Healings & Blessings by Caring, Experienced Voodoo Practitioners.

Profile and Credentials        

Full service Voodoo and Magical Spiritual Store Located in the Heart of the French Quarter. Established in 1997, Erzulie's mission has been to serve all those in need through the help of the Ancient Voodoo Deities and Ancient Magical Traditions.

Our spiritual wares are hand-crafted using the finest organic ingrediants, rare & precious pure essential oils, organically grown and harvested herbs from around the world and ritualized and consecrated by experienced Practitioners to insure successful results.

Visit us at our NEW French Quarter Voodoo Store Location at 807 Rue Royal (corner of St. Ann and Royal St.), French Quarter, New Orleans!

Philosophy and Comments        

There are an infinite amount of paths to the Divine and thus, no exclusion of other's traditions, paths and religious belief systems.

All spiritual paths are embraced and revered at Erzulie's Authentic Voodoo and Magical Boutique in hopes that one of the many we offer will help you connect to the divine energies throughout the universe and find the comfort and assitance you are seeking.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Store Hours are Thurs - Sun, 11a-8pm CST. Psychic Readings available by Phone, In-store or Online. Please phone (504) 525-2055 anytime to discuss your situation or visit www.Erzulies.com for more information on our exquisite, handcrafted magical wares!

NEW UK/Euro Location        

For all of our international clients, please visit our new UK/Euro location at www.erzulies.co.uk

Mailing Address:

Unit 4, Box 6443
Airfield Rd.
Christchurch, Dorset
England BH23 9BZ
Phone: 0845-130-6922




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