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Angel Russi



110 Nashville Road, Unit102
Vaughan, ONT L0J1C0
T: 905-893-3687


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Dr. Angel Russi DC


Dr. Angel Russi specializes in the treatment of pain, stiffness, strains, sprains, headaches, vertigo, carpal tunnel, migraines, and a list of other skeletal and neuromuscular conditions without the use of medication or surgery. He focuses on a holistic approach which utilizes spinal manipulation, soft tissue techniques, trigger point release, and orthotics to achieve your optimum health. No referral required. Serves The Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Profile and Credentials        

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Angel Russi completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology from York University in Toronto and his Doctorate in Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College. He has also studied and received his Certificate for Orthotic Therapy. He is knowledgeable and truly cares about the patient's needs and experiences during treatments and is one of the top notch Toronto Chiropractors.

Dr Angel Russi specializes in wellness techniques that are non-evasive, preventative, medicine for rehabilitation through a combination of Chiropractic adjustments, manipulations, trigger points, orthotics(custom made insoles), and mobilization that promote healing. Chiropractic with other muscular treatments work well to alleviate common conditions such as: soft tissue injury, plaintar fascitis, subluxation, strain, sprain, torticolis, stiffness, spasms, back pain, flat feet, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee and spine, problems as well as tendonitis and pes planus, headaches/ migraines, vertigo and carpal tunnel.

Dr Angel Russi also specializes in disability insurance claims, WSIB (Workmen’s Compensation) and insurance claims from private insurance companies. He also provides patients with in office and in home consultation and treatment options.

Philosophy and Comments        

Are you in the GTA and need a Chiropractor who provides individualized, specialized multi disciplinary technique? Are you looking for a Chiropractor that sees the body as whole, interconnected system and not just a set of separate symptoms to be treated? Do you need a Chiropractic Specialist who works both on the soft tissue and bone and joint problems at the same time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Dr. Angel Russi is the right practitioner for you. His holistic approach is what distinguishes him from the majority of Chiropractors working in the GTA and Toronto! Dr Angel Russi services North York, Downsview. Weston, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Aurora, Newmarket, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Toronto, GTA, T.O., TO, East York, Downtown, Annex, Kleinberg and York Region.

Dr. Angel Russi’s approach to optimize your health has two levels.

The first level is to get you out of pain or stiffness. This is accomplished by treating both the spine and the involved muscle. A chiropractic manipulation or adjustment involves restoring the normal motion to your spinal segment. A spinal segment can lose their full range of motion for a number of reasons (trauma, stress, posture, the muscle itself). What happens is that the spinal segments above and below this compromised spinal over compensate for the damaged segment and in order to compensate for the loss of motion respond by increasing their own motion. Then the body senses this increase in motion in the surrounding areas and the muscles tighten to reduce this excessive motion which in turns causes an increase in inflammation to the affected area. So in order to restore your body to optimum health both the spinal segment and the surrounding musculature must be treated to achieve our goal of optimum health.

The second step is to maintain your optimum health by maintaining your natural motion to your spine and PREVENTING pain and stiffness.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Map of: 110 Nashville Rd, Vaughan ON L0J1C0 with driving directions available also.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am-1:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday:2:30pm-7pm



In Office

Initial chiropractic examination and treatment:$ 60

Subsequent chiropractic visits:$ 40

Custom orthotic insoles:$450

In Client's Home

Initial chiropractic examination and treatment:$110

Subsequent chiropractic visits:$ 80

Prices reflect travel within the GTA.

Our greater wisdom...        

As mentioned above, our body has an unconscious wisdom. Some of you might call it Mother Nature, chi, the divine, energy, the force, or neuron synaptic function. What you are describing is what we call the innate.

The innate is the flow of information from our brain to all parts of our body and vice versa. There are several types of information such as position, movement, orientation, and yes pain. This information flows through our nerves and on occasion this flow is interfered with. When a spinal segment has lost its motion this obstructs the normal flow of information.

Let’s think of our body as a highway system. Our brain is the centre of all decision making and distribution of information and is represented by the city of Toronto. All head office decisions and manufacturing is sent from Toronto to the surrounding cities like Barrie, Newmarket, and Hamilton, which represent the different parts and organs of our body. This information is carried to the surrounding cities by way of Hwy 400, 401 and the QEW. The highways represent our nerve function. At the off ramp to Hamilton an accident just occurred which to our highways means traffic on the QEW is blocked. This traffic means that the decisions and products being sent from Toronto will be delayed. The flow has been interfered with. The accident can be viewed as the interference that happens within our spine when the normal motion has been reduced and the nerve function at the particular spine segment is hindered. In our example of the accident scene on the off ramp, we now have emergency services such as police and an ambulance. Now thinking of our body we can understand that such emergency personnel represent our body’s response to neurological interference which results in an inflammatory response which in turn causes our perception of pain. Given our traffic accident example the only way to normalize traffic flow and optimize the time our drivers from Toronto can get to their destinations is to remove the obstruction. In traffic we get a tow truck to clean up the remains of the accident; in health care to remove this interference of innate flow from our brain to the rest of the body we use the chiropractic adjustment.

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