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Indianapolis, IN 46220
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Sonja-Martina's Hands On Art


Martina is artist and owner of Sonja~Martina's Hands on Art Studio in Indianapolis, IN. Her paintings are exhibited by the Saachi Gallery in London and on her web-site www.handsonart.net. Her pottery and sculptures have been shown at various galleries including the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art.

Eye of the Storm -

is a contradiction ~ being both tranquil and chaotic. This painting means many different things to as many different people. Some see animals, others see faces. Is it lightening, or a tree? As they say, it is in the "eye of the beholder."

Profile and Credentials        

Since I was very young I was always drawing, coloring, or painting. I attended a local art college in the 70's when culture was a lot different than it is today or probably ever will be. The "flower child" culture helped me to expand my thinking; and my artistic abilities evolved into sculpture, painting, design, & sketching.

In the 90's I was privileged to work with a Native Shaman as an apprentice for 10 years and a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Psychic for 12 years. This has helped me develop my inner vision through meditation and dream-work and created a spiritual aspect to my paintings.

Today, my paintings are free form instead of controlled. They are created from visions seen in meditation and usually change while I am in the creative flow. I never know how the painting will end or what others will see.

Studied at Ft. Wayne Art Institute in Indiana in the 70's. Currently part of Indiana University.

Exhibited at Ft. Wayne Art Museum.

Currently exhibiting at Saachi Gallery in London.

"Every piece I create has started out completely constructed in my mind. Once the brush or sculpture tool is in my hand, a spiritual energy takes over and I create beyond my own abilities. I believe it is my spiritual training that allows this beauty to come through." Martina

Martina has been successful in teaching this technique in art to her students through meditation, drumming and relaxation. "Anyone with a love or interest in art can create a beautiful painting when open to spirit." Martina

One-on-one classes with Martina are available. Painting provides a unique opportunity to get in touch with Spirit. No experience in art is necessary.

Wizard -

One of my favorite paintings. Inspired by the recently discovered over 2000 year old stone Circle at Biscayne Bay in Miami, Fl. This painting was created entirely by spirit during the fight to save the Circle as a monument to the Native Americans who created the 22' circle inscribed with native symbols of the time. Wizard shows the many dimensions and alternate realities of the Universe.

Philosophy and Comments        

Art is one of the oldest forms of Shamanism and healing. We reach inside our inner emotions through art, whether creating or viewing. Teaching through art goes back to pre-historic times with pictographs on cave walls, the Black Hills of America, and the ruins in Peru. When we create we heal; and when we heal, others heal with us.

Sun Dancer -

Raw, vibrant colors portrayed as the freedom to dance under the Sun. This is a mixed media painting with rice paper, oils and acrylics.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Sonja-Martina's Hands on Art is open 9-5 Mon-Fri and 9-12 on Sat or by appointment. Please contact Martina for information on pricing and for one-on-one classes in painting.

Martina is also a commissioned artist and illustrator.

Lilacs -

A soft oil painting in blues and purples, perfect where a touch of femininity is appreciated.

Original Oil Paintings and Drawings        

Spain -

is an original oil created entirely with a palette knife. An experiment in technique.

All paintings and drawings are originals and created by Martina. Please go to our website http://www.handsonart.net for more paintings.

Changes -

(shown at the beginning of this site) was created in pen & ink over a period of a year. The drawing consists of billions (at least) of ink dots applied by looking through a magnifying glass. Changes comes from a vision in meditation I saw in 1999. At first I reproduced it in color on many ceremonial items. But then I started seeing it in black and white and decided to try pen & ink. Changes is matted and framed in cherry wood.

Healing Art        

Martina apprenticed with a Native Shaman for 10 years learning the spiritual healing cermonies and rites of the People. She draws her inspiration from visions that come to her while meditating and while she is creating. Please visit her site in "healing art" under Summer's Wind at ByRegion for information on classes in art therapy, past-life regression, and Chakra balancing at: http://www.byregion.net/profiles/martinalouise.html

Meditation -

is part of my personal collection. Created as a medium for healing, this painting often accompanies me to meditation classes and healing circles. Meditation is the beginning of a series of meditative paintings for healing.

Glicee Prints        

Cottage -

is a high quality laser print on canvas paper. The original painting was created for my daughter and her family.

Glicee prints of all paintings are available. The Glicee image has all the tonalities and hues of the original painting. Giclee, is a French term pronounced Gee’clay.

Spiritual Art        

Almost Home -

Based on my own journey into other dimensions and the inner being during my Shamanic training. Almost Home is the final painting of The Journey series. This painting shows a promise of peace and tranquillity. The gold and copper of the planet ahead attests to higher spiritual energy.

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