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Yvonne Barron



311 1/2 Pine St.
Grand Junction,, CO 81503
United States


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Certified Herbalist/Massage Therapist
Yvonne Has had a Holistic Health practice in Grand Junction Colorado for 24 years. Edgar Cayce remedies, Folk remedies, Touch for Health have been the main modalities she uses and the use of herbs and aromatherapy has enhanced her healing abilities.

Profile and Credentials        

Yvonne Barron holds certifications in Herbal medicine and Therapuedic Massage
Her Holistic education encompasses training in Touch for Health, The Ingham method of Foot and Hand First and second degree Reiki healing, Anusara and Hatha Yoga teacher, Reflexology Rueseto College of Acupuncture and Herbal medicine in Boulder Colorado and The Rocky Mountain Center For Botanical Studies in Boulder Colorado.
Her Training with Edith Brow who was taught by Dr. Christopher and Bernard Jensen has been an invaluale training in Ortho Bionomy and Herbal studies.
She was also trained by Hanna Kroeger of Boulder Colorado in Herbal and parasite cleansing. Her background in Plant spirit medicine is a valuable asset from The Rocky Mountain school of Botanical studies.
Yvonne is currently building her practice in a Holistic Health Spa and encompasses the many natural therapies such as Herbal and nutritional counseling, Health assesments using Touch for health and Applied Kinesiology. She uses Therapuedic Massage, Aromatherapy ear coning and Hot Stone massage along with Foot Reflexology to help folks get in touch with the healing within themselves to trigger healing. Herbs may also may be given or suggested to bring the body back to homeostasis and healing.She has the first and second degree training in Reiki healing, and is a Hatha Yoga and is a teacher for children as well as adults.

Philosophy and Comments        

I believe our spiritual, mental and physical characteristics impact our overall health, Diet, fasting, exercise,thinking are some of the ways to Heal your life with home remedies, I focus on herbs that are "Folk remedies" and things you may have in your kitchen.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

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