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Inez Bracy



2607 S. Woodland Blvd
DeLand, FL 32720-7001
United States
T: 877-222-4057


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The Bracy Group, Inc.


Your today is a reflection of your decisions yesterday – and where you end up tomorrow is based on what you’re doing today. You can create a life that you actually enjoy and WANT to live! Your right path is waiting to help you gain personal satisfaction. There are simple, empowering and effective ways to create your BEST LIFE! And they can be yours – TODAY

Profile and Credentials        

Growing up on a farm as sharecropper’s daughter, Inez always knew that there was a better way of life. Inez completed her Biology degree as her first personal experience of creating the life she wanted, after which, she excelled in computer programming languages through on the job training. Inez holds a Master of Science in Organizational Development, put to good use in a number of environments. She has previously worked as a classroom teacher, drug abuse prevention counselor, social worker and union advocate, all of which has given her a unique and grounded approach in strategic planning, motivation, negotiation and leadership development. Her experience includes designing and delivering specific educational and dynamic programs in such subjects as personal esteem, cultural competence, team building, and time management and mediation/conflict resolution.

Philosophy and Comments        

Inez believes in seizing the moment, giving whatever you’re doing everything you’ve got, and believing that you can achieve anything you can conceive. Acting on the belief that you deserve the life of your dreams and to do the work you love, she passionately shares her knowledge on creating your best life, her mission in life is to facilitate people in being their best on purpose, by their own definition and by their own choices. She is a lifelong learner and has continuously taken courses in self-improvement and voraciously reads books and other sources of creative self-development.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Inez works by appointment with groups or individuals using the telephone or personal appearances. Monthly fees for coaching: Group $400.00 per person (limit 6); one-on-one-$500.00

Speaking-Keynote: $1500.00 + expenses; Seminar: $2500.00/half day; $4000.00 full day

Being Your Best        

Are you living in a daymare? Use 3 easy steps to break out of your daymare and create the life of your dreams. You get to choose to live your best life NOW!

Effective Teamwork        

Having an effective team is the difference beween mediocrity and exemplary. Learn to respect and embrace difference to move your organization to excellence.

Personal Development Coaching        

Do you have a feeling of dissatisfaction, a feeling of unease, and a feeling of being discontent/unhappy? Would you like to clarify your purpose, recognize and breakthrough what's holding you back, so that you can create an extraordinary life? You can do it in 3 easy steps!


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