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Jannette Hopkins



Auckland, 1310
New Zealand
T: (09) 479 2022




Energy Fields


My name is Jannette Hopkins, I have always held an interest in metaphysics, my main focus on channeling and balancing energy for over twenty years. The three modalities I now teach and facilitate are The EMF Balancing Technique(R), Usui Reiki and Seichim. The beauty of this work is doing what I love, and sharing this with other people. My more traditional working side of life has always been involved with either public relations, staff management or business management. My love of recreational pursuits has seen me actively involved in team training, coaching and helping others, often in a councelling capacity.

Profile and Credentials        

I am a certified EMF Balancing Technique(R) Advanced Practitioner/Teacher, and a fully qualified Master/Teacher of Usui Reiki and Seichim.

Philosophy and Comments        

My aim is to pass on knowledge sharing energy and assisting others with their personal growth and moving them towards their potential. I am available for sessions either absent or by appointment, and teach workshops regularly scheduled monthly or by arrangement to suit students.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Work Hours are weekdays 9am - 5pm and some weekends/evenings if required. Practitioning Fee Schedule: Mini Sessions $20, Single Sessions $50, Double Sessions $75. For workshop fees please refer to my website.





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