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Joan Arnold



New York, NY United States
T: 718/768-2746




Joan Arnold


Muscular tension? Chronic pain? Want to feel more comfortable and physically integrated? I can help. Using the Alexander Technique, I will teach you simple principles to apply to your everday movement that will improve your posture, decrease back pain, lessen repetitive strain, and ease sore neck muscles. With Alexander's principles, I work to achieve body harmony using a guiding healing touch to help you reduce tension and regain ease in your daily actions.

Profile and Credentials        

With over 25 years experience teaching yoga, dance and the Alexander Technique, I help my clients recapture the inherent pleasure in movement. ~Certified Teacher of the Alexander Technique, American Center for the Alexander Technique 1988 ~Registered Yoga Instructor ~Teaching experience at: American Center for the Alexander Technique American Academy of Dramatic Arts Hunter College Equinox Fitness Clubs ~Appearances on CBS This Morning, Healthy Living with Jane Seymour and Fox Cable's FX/MD. ~Profiles and features published in Self, Shape, Fitness, New York Woman, New Woman and My Generation.

Philosophy and Comments        

The Alexander Technique enables you to release muscular tension and reduce compression. As you study the Technique, you will begin to recognize inefficient postural habits and learn how to find a greater physical integration. You learn to capitalize on your body's natural internal support system, and discover your capacity for effortless movement. The Alexander Technique is an intelligent way to solve body problems. It is not a series of procedures or excercises, but simple principles that you learn to apply to whatever you do. During private lessons, I will analyze your movement, guide you with a specialized, light touch to release tight muscles and joints. As you apply Alexander's principles to a task, sport or act, you find greater pleasure in the everyday and return to the activities you love. As you improve posture and reduce back and neck pain, you achieve a newfound body harmony.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

LOCATIONS - with three locations, I can easily meet your scheduling needs. Park Slope, Brooklyn Union Square, Manhattan Upstate New York CALL 718/768.2746 TO ARRANGE AN APPOINTMENT





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