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2024 Key West Dr. Suite E
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Mother Earth Pillows and More


Mother Earth Pillows® were first created 12 years ago by Karen, a Registered Nurse who became a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Years earlier, car accidents had resulted in 24/7 chronic pain. All medications, even over-the-counter, caused significant side-effects and were not tolerated by Karen. Therapy, as ordered, was not effective. After two years of continuing pain, Karen received her first massage. With a focus on Myofascial Release, old restrictions and scar tissue were finally treated and pain was dramatically reduced! Intrigued, Karen studied massage, focusing on the Connective Tissue System as related to chronic pain. Her private practice rapidly filled with others who suffered and she became convinced that her clients learn and use Self-Care therapy techniques between appointments. Education about the appropriate use of HOT/COLD therapy and stretching techniques became a portion of each session.

Mother Earth Pillows® came to reflect Karen's committment use of ONLY natural, earth-based Self-Care products. Two lines of Mother Earth Pillows® evolved in 1995. Herbal Flax Pillows, heated in the microwave for Heat Therapy can be used with compression or stretching techniques for chronic pain. Stored in the freezer, the flax provides Cold Therapy for acute pain and reduces swelling. In early days, Karen added herbs from her garden for releasing therapeutic herbal aromatherapy when warmed. The lavender formulas used in her pillows today, are freshly blended by devoted staff and are NOT stock blends of older herbs. Adding these food-quality ingredients to food-quality Golden Flax grown for us by USA farmers, means fresh products made in Arnold, MO and shipped directly to you. Buckwheat Hull Pillows offer a different type of therapy... conformity and support that foam, polyfill or feathers simply cannot offer. The Hulls are washed by staff to provide a fresh, clean, and hypoallergenic fill.

Karen thought of countless patients she had cared for over 30 years who could benefit from these products and today, she has become a passionate advocate for Integrating Complementary approaches with Conventional medical approaches to Pain Management. Along with teaching, training staff (Medical and Spa) and National Speaking engagements, Karens easily presents topics about the Science and Art of Complementary Medicine and Aromatherapy classes, and why it is vital that natural approaches be considered in HealthCare practices today.

You can find the products created by Mother Earth Pillows® that are found in Spas, Medical Centers, Pharmacies, Pain Clinics across the country on the Website. Mother Earth Pillows® have been called "the highest quality HOT/COLD Therapy Tools we have found!" by customers, massage therapists, chiropractors and physicians. These products are Natural Solutions for Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Migraines, Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Pain, Earaches, Menstrual Cramps, Insomnia, Raynaud's Syndrome, Rehabilitation, Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, and more. Enjoy your web-visit as you view Mother Earth Pillows®, Essential Oils, CD's and more.

Browse our entire selection of pillows and other natural therapeutic products at our online store - www.motherearthpillows.com/

Remember to check our FREE offer and Special Featured Item each month as our way of thanking you for using our Online Store.

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