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Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga


Lakshmi Voelker KYTA,YA,YT, a certified Kripalu instructor and holder of other Yoga certifications, has studied and taught Yoga and Eastern disciplines since 1969.

She authored and produced "Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga: The Sitting Mountain Series" CD/cassette and 43 page tutorial booklet. Chair Yoga was created when a student was stricken with arthritis and could no longer get on the floor to practice Yoga.

It sells on on Amazon.com.

Lakshmi now offers teacher training around the US for Yoga instructors and healthcare professionals.

Profile and Credentials        

Lakshmi Voelker is a Yoga therapist with over 35 years experience in practicing, studying and teaching many forms of Yoga and Eastern Discliplines.

Founder of "Lakshmi Voelker School of Yoga" and "Lakshmi Voelker Enterprises". Lakshmi lives in Southern California and works extensively as a private Yoga Therapist who has taught and developed various Yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher training programs.

Certified with many well known Yoga and Eastern Disclipline Schools, Ashrams and masters through out the world.

Lakshmi is also a published photographer and model for internationlly renowned sculpter-John Kennedy

Philosophy and Comments        

Lakshmi loves to intergrate her intuition and humor into a special friendship with her teacher trainees. She believes that that we can live without food and water for a certain period of time but we cannot live without the breath that is the link between the body/mind and Spirit!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Lakshmi offers teacher training in Lakshmi Chair Yoga throughout the US.

Please visit www.yogawithlakshmi.com for more information about upcoming programs or find out how to host your own program locally.





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