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Melissa Privett - Pathworks Center for Life

Melissa Privett


Pathworks Center for Life
Oakland County, MI 48237
United States
T: 248-231-8018

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Pathworks Center for Life is dedicated to healing our planet one soul at a time through Spiritual Coaching, Healing Workshops, Educational Seminars and Personal Growth Work for the "whole" person; physical, emotional spiritual and mental. We provide programs for adults as well as youth to teach healing principles through a myriad of healing Study Groups and Workshops.

We explore Guided Imagery, Meditation, Stress Reduction, Creative Visualization and of course the greatest tool of all-Prayer! Giving you a treasure box full of tools and techniques that will enable you to become empowered to who you are in the eyes of God and to help you reach that level of consciousness where you are expanding on all that you are and all that you are to become. "What we believe is what we receive~!" Awaken to that power that is within you!

Profile and Credentials        

Melissa Privett is the Founder of Pathworks Center for Life, an organization that is commited to inspiring personal transformation and growth in every aspect of the self; Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. She is a Spiritual Growth Coach, Visionary, Trainer, Facilitator and Presenter with a Ministry of Motivational Workshops, Seminars and Keynote Speaking subjects dedicated to Empowering and Encouraging individuals to personal and spiritual growth, self acceptance and healing on all levels.

A Certified Transformational Workshop Leader, trained to facilitate a myriad of seminars and workshops, she is dedicated to inspiring women to love and appreciate themselves for who they are, not what they have or how they look. Loving yourself is the key to creating a heightened energy level of true acceptance so that your life can blossom!

Melissa's Workshops and Presentations are highly praised for their inspirational empowerment of women. She specializes in Womens Issues including, but not limited to, Self Esteem-Affirmative Healing-Inner Child Work-Grief and Loss-Stress and Anger Management--and Single Parenting. She is Certified in Womens Stress Reduction Classes as well as Classes on Meditation and Creative Visualization.

Melissa is a survivor in every sense of the word, as we all are, and have to be, to live in today's society. Being an overcomer of cancer, the loss of a spouse, poverty, as well as physical and emotional abuse has led her to where she is today. She stands in the truth of who she is and is not ashamed of where she came from. "If you have no tests, you have no testimony, true?" She is a firm believer in God and knows that He does not give you a "plate-full" of trauma and turmoil just to go to waste, He expects that you will share your wisdom with others to help them to be overcomers, too!

She is available to speak or lead workshops for Womans Groups, Community Colleges, Schools, Churches, Hospitals and any size organization.

Melissa also leads a self organized youth group of young ladies, ages 11+ who do service work in the name of Christ as well as exploring other important cornerstones in their life.

Call Melissa to speak at Teen Shelters for the Empowerment and Elevation of young women ages 14 and up.

Philosophy and Comments        

My goal is to create a peaceful living environment for our children to grow, by healing ourselves of past wounds, therefore producing marvelous changes in our lives and sharing the process with others. Inner Peace is the goal.....promoting it within and without, and healing the past. The result is happy, nurtured, worthy, healthy people. Hallelujah at the thought! "The Center For Life" is located "within", carry it wherever you go to help awaken the Spirit and come alive!

The "physical" center, Pathworks Center for Life, is located in Oak Park and is available for workshops, classes, small groups, seminars, prayer support, meditation and healing work.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

My work hours are flexible:

The Heal Your Life intensive Workshop is one full day from 9:30-6:00 and is by appointment only. Must have 6 participants to begin a class. Cost is $50.00 per person.

NEW! "Meditation 101" is a fabulous beginner course to help those who have always wanted to learn to quiet the mind but just can't seem to do it alone. This is a great beginners class for Rest and Relaxation and an amazing tool for Stress Reduction. Take the 3-week course for these purposes and relax, relax, relax;-) Add one extra week for exploration on Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization for even deeper healing. A 3 week course is ready to begin depending on interest. Let me know so that I can schedule a class soon:-)) It's an absolute MUST for the busy woman today! Cost will be $15.00 per class.

Spiritual Coaching for Adults and Teens are done by appointment only.

A 2 Month commitment is required to start Spiritual Life Coaching. I offer a 30 minute FREE consultation for Client and Coach to decide whether they "both" feel comfortable in sharing this process together. Cost is $50.00 for first full hour session and $25.00 for every 30 minute session thereafter. The sessions are conducted 4 times per month. Total initial commitment cost is $225.00. However with youth, the sessions are all 1 hour. Initial cost for the Teen is $275.00. Thereafter each session for both adults and teens are $40.00 unless siging on for an additional 2-months.

The sessions can be done in my office or by phone, whichever is more comfortable for you. A 25 page "Growth Book" is included in this personal work for you to work and "play" with during and in between sessions to acheive higher self-awareness and flourishment in the healing process. The healing process and sessions for Teens are all done in person as to keep that personal contact which is extremely important for them. Also their workbook, as well as coaching sessions, differ from that of the Adult.

For information on my youth group, please contact me at 248-231-8018. The group is soley supported by its participants on a love offering basis.

Speaking engagments are done by appointment and are flexible. They may be done in the morning, afternoon or evening, depending on the subject, topic and type of organization. Costs are also flexible. FREE TALKS are open to shelters and certain womens groups. I am also available to come to YOUR place of business or home to teach any of the above certified classes at a reduced rate for small groups, including Stress Reduction for Women Only. So get some friends together and e-mail me today for more information. AND keep posted for a wonderful opportunity to "watch" me talk on the philosophies from my healing workshops and advice on a myriad of different life strategies on my up and coming Media Ministry....stay tuned for how YOU can be a part of this vision:-)

Pathworks Center for Life accepts cash, checks, and money orders. You may also make payments through Pay Pal, which accepts Visa and Mastercard directly from website.

What People Are Saying About Pathworks        

"I often think of Ms. Melissa as a woman on a mission. She has a calling and thank GOD is listening and acting on that calling."

Sandy S. Youth Program Grandparent

"Melissa Is a truly enlightened soul. She has a unique bond with children and sees the inner child in everyone. Her gifts are a blessing to everyone she encounters."

G. McQueen Oak Park, Youth Program Parent

"An Amazing gifted teacher and mentor to children. Melissa's desire to truly bond with children, and her passion for what she does is part of what makes her so unique and special. She has a very special connection to children of all ages. Many will benefit from her gifts and talents with youth."

Nicki C. Warren, Youth Coordinator

"I love myself just the way I am! The forgiveness techniques were truly healing. Five star rating! Money and time well spent!"

T.K. Detroit, Heal Your Life Workshop

"Melissa is truly a powerful, God filled person. She is an amazing healer. I dropped my bag of bricks!"

Jackie L. Hazel Park, Heal Your Life Workshop

"Wonderfully healing workshop. I learned to release anger and truly amazing forgiveness techniques. Absolutely life changing!"

Marilyn M. Warren, Heal Your Life Workshop

"If you need healing, this class will do it!"

Michael L. Hazel Park, Heal your Life Workshop

"Melissa has an amazing spirit and devotion to blessing others. Working together has been a refreshing and inspiring journey of self discovery and healing. She has a gift of helping others let go of fear while taking steps toward healing in a gentle way at the same time working at fulfilling the passion and purpose that we were born to live."

April E. Eastpointe, Spiritual Coaching Client

"Melissa brings years of spiritual studies and life experience to her workshops. You will leave transformed!"

Patricia Crane, Ph.D. Trainer/International Workshop Leader

"Melissa is very loving, caring, accepting, dedicated, committed and spiritual person who models what she teaches. Melissa is not only outstanding in the classroom, but she has succesfully coordinated and led large and small group assemblies and special spiritual ceremonies for all the children of our program. She relates to very well to all ages of children and has a very caring caring energy about her that radiates through. Melissa Has also been instrumental in helping to create parts of our spiritual curriculum."

Steven K., Youth Ministry Director

"A fun, but profoundly amazing workshop that provides you with all the tools to create your best possible life. A magical day to access your own inner healer and connection to the Divine."

Lisa S. Sterling Heights, Cosmic Kitchen Workshop

"Great learning and healing experience . The affirmations exercise changed my life."

Sandy N. Oak Park, 3 Hour "mini" Heal Your Life Class




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