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Lisa Shaw



Davie, FL United States
T: 954-680-5759




Rev. Lisa Shaw


I am a Traditional Usui Reiki Master and animal communicator whose practice incudes both two-legged, four-legged, and winged clients. As a healer, I use traditional Usui Reiki combined with chakra balancing and auric cleansing. I call my practice Illumination because it brings to light issues and conditions that need to be recognized and released as one travels the path to helaing. My work as a telepathic animal communicator enables me to "talk" with animals by reading their thoughts and feeligns, helping their human companions identify causes of both physical and behavioral problems so they can be healed, bringing peace to both. This is truly joyrful work. I am also a clairvoant reader who uses tarot and psychometry to retrieve information for clients. I can do readings and healings from a distance. A large part of my practice is teaching: I offer Usui Reiki certifications and classes in intuitive development and chakra healing as well as private sessions.

Profile and Credentials        

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION can help you discover your animal companion's thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs to make your relationship a happy and healthy one for both of you. Through telepathic communication, I pinpoint problems physically and emotionally. A session is a bonding experience for both. Every sesison ends with Reiki, which animals accept lovingly. REIKI CERTIFICATIONS
are given in all levels, I, II, and III and can be arranged for individuals and groups. I teach TRADITIONAL USUI REIKI. I am available for group lectures and classes.

Philosophy and Comments        

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Reiki 1 $111
Reiki 2 $133
Reiki 3 $222
Please mention By Region directory for these rates.

I am consistent with most practitioners in the area and view financial compensation as "energy exchange."





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