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Brother 2 Brother


Brother 2 Brother follows in the footsteps of great Texas Bluesmen such as T-Bone Walker, Albert Collins, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. In addition to their faithful Rock, Blues, and R&B covers, their new original CD entitled "Lookin' for Texas" is a part of the evolution of Texas Blues, incorporating a wide variety of influences from the world of Rock, Country, Jazz, and Blues. Their new CD is getting quite a bit of airplay in their home base of Houston, Texas on KPFT 90.1 FM and they were the cover story of the Sept issue of "North of the Border" entertainment guide with CD review. Also, the CD has received glowing reviews in "Music News" and "The Scene", two more Houston area mags. On Oct. 9, 2005, they were interviewed on KPFT 90.1 FM, Houston, by Mr. V on his program "Blues on the Move". B2B is also getting airplay on Blues Programs in Canada, Argentina, Belgium, and on the #1 internet radio program in France "Midnight Special Blues Radio".

Two of the founding members of the band, bass player Mike “Lowboy” Leubner and keyboard player Norm Uhl, formed Brother 2 Brother in Jan 2003 after honing their chops backing up Texas recording artist Gene Kelton (Mean Gene Kelton and the Diehards). Vocalist Mike Vohsen, guitarist extraordinaire Robert Baker, and rock steady drummer Ned "Stickman" Maric make up the rest of the musical team.

Profile and Credentials        

Mike Vohsen - Lead Vocals

Mike is the youngest member of Brother 2 Brother but his voice is mature far beyond his years on this planet. Like the other members of B2B, Mike has performed and honed his craft in a number of successful local bands, singing everything from Gospel to Country to Rock.

But what he enjoys the most is singing the Blues. From beautiful ballads to gravelly, get down, sock 'em in the gut, Blues. He is the personification of the Buddy Guy song that starts like this, "Damn Right I got the Blues, from my head down to my Shoes." He doesn't just sing it. He feels it and so does the audience.

For those of you who have seen the movie "The Committments", Mike's voice is reminiscent of the lead singer in that group. He even looks a little like that guy. But don't try to categorize him. Mike Vohsen is a one-of-a-kind true blues original.

Robert Baker - Lead Guitar

Born and raised in Houston, Robert grew up on the north side, out in the "burbs." He loved the big rock bands of the 70's. When he picked up the guitar at age 19, he found that most everything he liked had its roots in the Blues. He loved how the great blues guitarists poured their soul and emotion into every note and strived to have that for himself.

In the early 90's, he took to the stage with a three piece power band called "Rude Mood." There were of course other bands. For a time he considered doing a one-man act like his friend and music mentor Jim Moody.

But then, one night in December of 2003, he went to see a band called Brother 2 Brother and sat in for a few songs. Months later, when the band found itself in need of a new guitar player, Robert got the first call and jumped at the chance.

Norm Uhl - Keys, Harmonica, & Vocals

He used to do the News. Now he does the Blues. Norm Uhl was a fixture in the local television news serving as an on-air reporter for nearly 15 years on Houston's CBS affiliate. He reported live on such major stories as the Waco Siege and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Over his career, he has filed stories for NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. The award winning journalist is perhaps better known for his humorous features, especially "Norm at Work", where he featured the working men and women of Texas, often giving their jobs a try.

While in the hectic news business, Norm had to put his music on the back burner. But once he left the news business, blues was one of his first endeavors. Norm played keyboards and harmonica with "Mean Gene Kelton and the Die Hards" for two years, which is where he met Bass Player Mike "Lowboy" Leubner.

Mike "Lowboy" Leubner - Bass & Vocals

Also born and raised in Houston, in the Spring Branch area, Mike has loved and studied music since early childhood. After having played and sharing the bill with such notables as Foghat, Sherman Robertson, Roy Head, Mean Gene Kelton, Mark May, Joe "King" Carasco, Diunna Greenleaf, and many others, "Lowboy" has devoted his time and talent to Brother 2 Brother. Mike and Norm are founding members of B2B so the Blues Tradition is carried on in B2B with a little R&B and Rock thrown in for good measure. Not to mention B2B's original songs, several of which were penned by Mike Leubner.

And he can sing! Lowboy's rendition of Jimmy Thackery's "Cool Guitars", (sell the bitch's car), is always a crowd favorite and is one of our most requested songs.

Ned Maric - Drums

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, home of the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum", Ned Maric's first musical gig was definitely not rock and roll. Ned is an American of Serbian descent so his first musical experience came playing drums in a traditional Serbian folk music band. But the intricate rhythms proved to be a great foundation for the other music to come in later years.

Ned's first exposure to Texas came when he was stationed in San Antonio for three years while in the Air Force. At that time, he was introduced to the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Adding that to his earlier influences (Chicago blues, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Joe Ely, Keith Moon, and Phil Collins), Ned honed his skills while playing in bands during his time in the Air Force.

After returning to civilian life and moving to Houston, he kept his hands in music by playing with several bands. Then he heard Brother 2 Brother was looking for a drummer. He tried out and was offered the position on the spot. His rock-steady beat in lock step with bass player Mike "Lowboy" Leubner lays down the right musical foundation on which the rest of the band builds.

Philosophy and Comments        

PEACE and LOVE from Brother 2 Brother!!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Have Gig; Will Travel!!

Brother 2 Brother @ Hawg Stop Blues Festival V        

LOOKIN' FOR TEXAS: August 2005.

This independent, self-produced blues/blues rock album contains eight original tracks. Time is 28 minutes, 43 seconds. Production and sound quality are very good. The opening cut, "Don't Be Shy," is a forceful, medium-tempo blues tune. Lead singer Mike Vohsen presents the mood of the lyrics well. Guitarist Robert Baker's strong solo is an excellent match for the mood. The title cut is a neat novelty tune that bemoans the fact that Houston is just another big city and has lost its Texas identity. Bassist Mike Leubner does lead vocals. Margo Lively guests on fiddle. "Toobin'" is a lighthearted ditty sure to get a broad grin from anyone that's enjoyed tubing the Guadalupe River, a favorite Texas pastime. "The Power To Drive The Blues Away" is a traditional, get-down blues tune that features Norm Uhl's first-rate vocals and keyboards. Bob Martin guests on trumpet and trombone, Patrick Brennan on saxophone. The whole band rocks hard on the driving, high-energy tune, "Fool Boy's Road," the best up-tempo song on the CD. Best slow-tempo tune is the Tin Pan Alley styled gut-ripper, "Sometimes Gone Is Gone." Vohsen's vocals are intense and passionate. Joe Miller guests on trombone. Best song on the CD is "It Wasn't Me," an R&B belt buckle polisher soaked in Swamp Pop Syrup. Vohsen's vocals capture the song's bayou feel perfectly. Highly recommended.

Jim Shortt - The Scene (Oct 1, 2005)

Double Vision        

The sound of the new Brother 2 Brother disc, "Lookin' For Texas", is the sound of a live band at work, striving to entertain the crowd at all costs. Although clearly a studio effort, there is an unmistakable live feel to the tracks. The desire to entertain is evident from the insistent urging of "Don't Be Shy" with its pounding , gritty, hard rock feel to the bluesy lope of "It Wasn't Me" or the Tejano-flavored squeeze box work on "Toobin." The musicianship is first rate, especially on "Sometimes Gone is Gone" which features Norm Uhl's honky tonk style piano. Brother 2 Brother should be congratulated for so successfully translating their live stage show into the fixed form of a studio recording.

Rocky Stone - Music News (Oct 1, 2005)

B2B @ Willie's Icehouse for St. Patrick's Day Parade        

These guys will have you foot tappin', shakin' your head, and sayin' "oh, ya" to a steady beat of blues rock. Fusing instruments like trombones, fiddles, and saxophones; this blues-rock album "Lookin' for Texas" will fill your stereo and echo in your mind for hours after listening.

Brian Shipley - Jamestown Music


Brother 2 Brother turns out a consistently solid effort here. “Sometimes Gone Is Gone” with the driving horns of Patrick Brennan and written by Norm Uhl, Kevin Reed and Mike Vohsen advises that you should know when it’s time to quit a relationship, and the soulful “It Wasn’t Me” (my personal favorite) is a dreamy ballad that should stand out. Everyone should recognize the sentiment in the novelty tune “I Don’t Care” by Mike Lowboy Leubner. The big band sound of “The Power To Drive The Blues Away” with more horns is the answer to a relationship breakup cured by the power of music. Mike Vohsen’s powerful “Fools’s Boy Road” is an ode to moonshiners prompted by a documentary seen on TV. The two songs with much potential to become regional Texas hits are “Toobin” with keyboard induced accordion inspired by Guadalupe river rats on a weekend on the river and the title cut making fun of the way people think about Texans with some mean fiddle by Margo Lively and references to the real places you’ll find true Texas folks like New Braunfels and even Magnolia. The eclectic mix of blues, soul, country, rock and humor make this a treat from the first beat to the last.

Dave Miller - North of the Border (Sep 1, 2005)

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