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Madame Violet


Madame Violet is a spiritual advisor, professional psychic, metaphysical facilitator, lightarian facilitator, and reiki grand master. She teaches many courses in energy healing and metaphysics. In addition to her teaching abilities, Madame Violet guides her guests to spirtual happiness with her truthful and compassionate psychic revelations.

Profile and Credentials        

To my dear guests,

I am an intuitive healer, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, and soul reader. I am a gifted, natural reader, born into my abilities. I have been working in this field now for almost 15 years, most of that time being called by a higher spiritual power.

I have been psychic since four years old when I became a highly sensitive and empathic child. At seven my abilities further awakened as I became intuitive, had out of body experiences during dreams and even predicted a future event. At thirteen I both met my soul mate which awakened my clairvoyance, clairaudience and astral projection abilities as well as enhancing my empathy. I began studying paranormal phenomenon, psychic ability, metaphysical occurrences, meditation and miracle healing to understand what I was experiencing. I did not have the luxury of spiritual mentors in my area and my family was unsupportive. I learned the hard way, through experience.

I became a semi professional reader at sixteen and began doing free readings for friends and online friends who did not judge me for my differences. My readings then were accurate and insightful and often filled with messages from spirit guides or those on the other side. I guided many people to a brighter future through my messages from beyond. At nineteen I became a retired medium, as I learned how to be a direct channeler of these messages. I learned how to tap into the intricate patterns of the soul and read the energy at exponential frequencies.

At seventeen my abilities as a natural healer awakened. I felt called to help a family I hardly knew with their month old child. They were friends of a friend, and I was able to visit the child in the hospital. I heard the doctors tell the mother that the child would not live, and felt compelled to stop this from happening. What I did from then I am not sure as I was being guided by spirit, but three days later, the child was released from the hospital, with a full recovery. This propelled me to learn about healing hands and spike my interest in energy healing.

At eighteen I acquired my first Reiki Masters degree and have continued to further my training in the field. I am now a master of over 40 different healing modalities, which include Usui Traditional Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki and Reiki Grand Master. I have also developed 14 of my own modalities which include Celestial Reiki, Elven Shamanic Healing and Faery Reiki.

At twenty-one I began to teach others about psychic ability, and how to awaken, enhance and develop their own abilities. I have now developed 15 courses that have had amazing results in terms of allowing students to develop their personal psychic talents. I have now been reading for almost 12 years, I am a top rated expert on www.kasamba.com as well as a member of the Society for Soothsayers, Seers and Sages, and World Reiki Association.

I have done thousands of readings online, in person, with cards, without cards, live, e-mail, in chat rooms, in coffee houses, and at festivals. With each and every new client or student, I strive to out do myself, to go that extra mile, and to affect real change within each soul whether it is on a psychological, spiritual, emotional or physical level.

My current projects include developing additional psychic and energy healing courses, along with writing a novel about my past life experiences.

Brightest Blessings,

Madame Violet

Metaphysical Facilitator

Spiritual Advisor

Lightarian Facilitator

Reiki Grand Master

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