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MadhuMati Brodkey



90 Peace Drive
Watsonville, CA 95076
United States
T: 1-831-722-3669


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Feng Shui Reflections


MADHU MATI BRODKEY, is a Black Tantric Buddhist (BTB)certified Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher. She combines this expertise and 25+ years experience in healing arts with interior design to harmonize and balance the chi (vital energy)of an environment and its’ occupants.

Profile and Credentials        

Madhu is a guest speaker at various public events, bookstores and private venues and has appeared on television and radio. Her teaching experience includes classes at Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, California as well as with her own students. Madhu has also collaborated with Feng Shui Elder Master, Dr. Edgar Sung, in writing the Nine Star Chi Astrology Guide. She also writes for several Monterey Bay Area publications.

Philosophy and Comments        

In line with Grand Master Prof. Lin Yun's philosoply Madhu's objective is to bring peace to our society one house and one person at a time. This same philosophy is applied whether she is working in homes, small businesses, corporations, schools, and all who are seeking balance, harmony & success in their lives.

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

She is available for consultations during the week and some weekends. Classes are usually taught on Saturdays. Consultation fees start from $150 per hour for homes and $175 per hour for business. Personal Energy Clearings cost $130 for the Nine Day Personal Clearing Sessions. Class fees start at $54.

Regional Areas Serviced        

Madhu works with people at their site in the Greater Monterey Bay Area, the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. She is also available to work with clients by phone (in conjunction with e-mail, site plans and photos/video).

Home & Business Consultations        

Madhu’s work includes consultations for the home, workplace, landscape and structural design. She can review existing floorplans for design/remodel, design facilities from layout to finished interior design.

Space Clearing & Real Estate Assistance        

She works with many homeowners and real estate agents in staging and clearing homes in preparation for sale and purchasing homes. Madhu offers Feng Shui Certification for homes on the market which often will escalate the sale and price.

Personal Healing & Clearing        

As part of her practice Madhu does Personal Energy Clearing for individuals through dowsing, clearing chakras and discarnates from an individual. This powerful work has helped her clients with career & health, relationships, self improvement & trouble shooting various situations from DUI license suspension, credit problems & lawsuits.

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