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Dr. Marilyn Parkin



#301 1676 Martin Drive
South Surrey, BC V4A 6E7
United States
T: (604) 535-0521
F: (604) 538- 0547


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Medical Intuitive


I have been a practicing Medical Intuitive for many years and have completed my doctoral degree in Energy Medicine, in a program founded by Dr.'s Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. I have founded the College of Medical Intuition, through Toronto and Vancouver, to bring formalization of the field of Medical Intuition into Canada. I lecture internationaly on the importance of energy awareness.

Profile and Credentials        

I have a Ph.D in Energy Medicine, an undergraduate degree in Psychology/Sociology and a background in Nursing.

Philosophy and Comments        

Intuition is a human right we have not allowed to develop for far too long. Our inner voice holds the information of our internal blueprint - we need to begin to recognize there is more to our existance than meets the eye!

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

3-year distance learning College of Medical Intuition, $2995.00 CDN ($2,200 US)per 6 month semester.

Pre-requisite course for College entry $500.00 CDN ($395 US).





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