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Jill Christopher



PO Box 495366
Garland, TX 75049-5366
United States
T: 972-504-2650
F: 214-722-0098


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Jill Christopher


Masters Touch utilizes channeled energy of Spirit Physicians to restore balance to the physical and emotional body.

Distance healing takes place over 1-3 sessions. By email or phone, we'll discuss your goals for therapy. After that I’ll connect with your higher self directly for all healing work.

Personal sessions in the Dallas, TX area include 30-45 minutes of interactive counseling, followed by the actual “hands on” healing.

Past Life Regression and hypnotherapy is also available.

Profile and Credentials        

Having healed people and pets for over 15 years, I was recently instructed by Ascended Master Maitreya to 'put my work out' to the public, as the beginning of my Divine service.

I am certified in Advanced Metaphysics through the Australian School of Metaphysics and studied directly with the world renowned channeler and psychic healer, Margaret Birkin. Ms. Birkin is the only psychic/medium/channeler ever to be invited to present the deep trance channeled teachings of the Ascended Master Maitreya to a spiritual group comprised of the member representatives and staff of the United Nations.

Through the Astrological Institute of Integrated Studies I have studied metaphysics and psychic development with Sandy Anastasi and John Maerz. Ms. Anastasi, is perhaps best known as one of the few true teachers of phenomenal psychic medium John Edward.

As part of therapy, I may encourage you to seek astrological assistance to augment our services. Astrological consultations can be obtained through my colleague Tishelle Bettermen of AscendingLight.

Philosophy and Comments        

Perhaps you believe that natural healing is your path to wellness; or you are seeking an adjunct, natural therapy to complement traditional medicine. In some cases, the medical community may be doing everything in its power, yet you feel you would benefit further from caring for the often overlooked, spiritual side of your healing journey.

For these reasons and more consider contacting Masters Touch. With counsel from spirit I have successfully worked with the following conditions among others:
• Coma
• Acid Reflux
• Cancer
• Back/Neck pain
• Tumour Reduction

Work Hours and Fee Schedule        

Healing sessions are performed in person in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area if Texas
(USA). Distance healing can be performed worldwide with consultations via
telephone, email or internet chat. Prices are as follows:

Distance session fee: $30 via email, $45 via telephone

Past Life Regression (in person): $65

Counseling/Healing session (in person): $100

Sessions can be paid for by check, Money Order or via Paypal (www.Paypal.com). If you wish to schedule a session, or have questions not covered here please contact me by email or telephone.

The Masters and I look forward to serving you.





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